Nifty Project Management Software Review

Ditch the paper, pencil, and face-to-face meetings, project management has never been more modern or integrated than with Nifty project management software.

Whether your project is simple or complex you need a project management solution that reduces project timescales and increases business productivity. These days, there’s no excuse not to use an integrated cross-platform solution like Nifty that allows you to organize your teams and plan effectively in real-time. So, find out more about how Nifty can benefit your business.

What is Nifty?


Technology has made giant strides in recent years and SaaS solutions have quickly overtaken legacy software as the best way to operate a business in the modern-day.

Companies like Microsoft and Google were the first to make the switch to SaaS services and everyone followed; the trouble is that SaaS solutions aren’t always integrated in the way you need for projects.

That’s where Nifty project management software comes in. Nifty is a fully integrated project management solution that brings together some of the best elements of SaaS solutions for project management. Nifty has the convenience and reliability of Google Docs along with the organization and integration of Google Calendar – it also uses the latest performance analytics.

Nifty does the basics well but it goes above and beyond when it comes to productivity. One of the standout features of Nifty software is the Milestone capabilities allowing you to create project-wide milestones or task-specific ones to ensure that all aspects of the project are under control. In this way, Nifty helps businesses to achieve the targets ad goals on schedule.

How Does Nifty Work?

nifty workloads

When you arrive on the Nifty home page you are confronted with a calendar view much like the one you are familiar with from Google. It also functions in the same way. Easily add tasks and projects using the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Choose between an overview of the project as a whole or a workload screen that provides more details about current projects.

nifty my tasks

A project is set up by a manager and other members can be invited. A project manager can easily invite team members using a button on the bottom left of the homepage or by clicking on the project itself and inviting them. Once a project is live a project manager can assign tasks to individuals and set milestones for completion. There is also time management analytics to use.

nifty all tasks

Depending on the size and requirements of the project you can choose from 5 pricing options to suit different budgets. If you’re new to project management software or you want to test out Nifty sign up for a free trial or the free option that gives you enough functionality to run small projects efficiently. If you want to extend the capabilities of Nifty you can do this with its flexible pricing.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty not only gives you all the tools you need to run a successful project in a single software solution, but it also offers flexible pricing options to suit different businesses and projects. Naturally, you don’t want to over-invest in project management tools if you only require minimal functionality or temporary solutions. Nifty realizes it’s not the only project management solution on the market which is why it provides a generous demo version with excellent features.

nifty pricings

With Nifty there are five pricing options to choose from, a free option, Starter, Pro, Business, and enterprise-level service. Naturally, each service offers greater capacity and functionality; that said, the free version has plenty of features to allow you to manage a live project effectively. ON the free version you can benefit from unlimited members and tasks, and 100MB of space.

The Nifty pricing structure is methodological, it’s designed to suit teams of different sizes and businesses in different stages of development. For those unsure about Nifty as a project management solution the free version or the starter version give you an excellent working knowledge of the software. The Pro version and above are designed for scaling a business.

Who Uses Nifty?

Businesses of all sizes need to organize teams and tasks and juggle projects in real-time, in the past, this was achieved with regular face-to-face meetings, paper documents, and folders, but time matches on. Nowadays, the same tasks can be carried out with more sophisticated project management software that is used for project planning, time management, analytics, and more.

Project management software allows businesses to create projects in real-time that are fully integrated and measured using modern analytics technology. In contrast to the old team meeting style of project planning, software solutions enhance the productivity of businesses by ensuring important projects are completed on time and within budget, it’s also cost-effective.

Nifty is a modern software management solution with a wide range of features to help you streamline your projects and increase the productivity of the business. Nifty allows teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently in real-time and work independently or on priority projects; ideas, documents, and spreadsheets can also be shared with members and across platforms.

Nifty Features

Workflow Collaboration Hub

Project management is something of a juggling act that often leads to missed deadlines and inefficiencies, Nifty project management software supports managers by making it easy to integrate teams and invite new team members when required. Additionally, Nifty has excellent automation, so you need to worry less about “how” and more about the “what” and “why”.

As you can see inviting team members is simple and straightforward. On the calendar screen, you click on the project or event you want to work with and select “invite team members” from the popup. New members can be assigned to a team but they can also be assigned to individual tasks and projects, giving you additional flexibility and more options when assigned team tasks.

Dynamic Collaboration

Every software solution needs a collaboration function, in particular, project management software. In this version, Nifty goes one step further and introduces “Dynamic Collaboration.” Dynamic collaboration means that tasks and feedback are fully integrated into the project so there is no need for additional software tools to take care of extra project management tasks.

Nifty project management software is designed to ensure that projects are completed to a high standard and on time. So instead of having individual tasks separated on the calendar, Nifty integrates them and ranks them for priority. When team member enters the project to work they can see which tasks are labeled as priority tasks to ensure the project completes on time.

Share Ideas

Completing projects successfully is all about sharing ideas and working collaboratively to a timeframe. In the past, or with software that isn’t integrated in the same way as Nifty, sharing ideas and collaborating becomes convoluted and time-consuming. With Nifty, there is a “nifty” way to share ideas quickly with members and receive the feedback needed to move forward.

nifty share ideas

Along with keeping all of your files for the project in one place, Nifty offers a convenient “file-sharing” button allowing you to send files quickly and simply to team members using different platforms. Project files can be accessed through Google Drive, Dropbox, and PCs – ideas can also be shared through popular chat apps like WhatsApp – that’s why it’s called nifty.

Project Views

Nifty is project management software, so it must have a reasonably good project view to allow teams to obtain a quick overview of the tasks; at the same time, it must be functional and able to zero in on specific tasks and milestones. Nifty leads the way when it comes to project management interfaces, what you get is a fully integrated and flexible project management tool.

nifty create a milestone

The Nifty Project View has a convenient calendar-style view with a Swimlane View to help you streamline your projects. Additionally, it offers a Milestone View so you can place short-term objectives into the project for members to interact with, excellent for clarifying objectives and meeting project goals. In the swimlane, you can also blend tasks with milestone lists.

Boost Productivity

Project management is as much about productivity as it is about time management. Nifty combines these two crucial aspects of project management with its task integration tools, milestones, and unique time management tools. One thing that holds projects back from completion is when over members are over-committed with tasks, Nifty solves the problem.

boost productivity with nifty

The time management features of Nifty allow project managers to monitor how long their team members spend on specific tasks, milestones can also be created to ensure that priority tasks are completed on time. Project managers can use time logs to ensure adequate work is carried out on different tasks and employees’ working hours can be tracked with the built-in analytics.

Collaborate Using Documents

Sometimes you need to share a file or document with one or more team members. This can be useful for introducing a new aspect of the project, collaborating on specifics, or bringing new members of the team up to speed. Creating and sharing documents with Nifty is very simple all you do is click on the project or the search bar at the top where you can “Create a document”.

nifty document

As you can see from the screenshot creating a Nifty Doc brings up a Google Docs style page that can be shared, archived, or exported. In fact, the Nifty document is no different from a standard Google Doc and can be edited and saved conveniently. Other Docs you can access through Nifty include spreadsheets and Google Docs which can be synced with Google Drive.


Can using Nifty save my business time?

The short answer is yes, Nifty is specially designed to save your business time. Along with suitable app integrations that allow your projects to unfold cross-platform, Nifty has a range of automation that takes some of the workloads out of operating software tools on projects.

Every project requires a degree of management, whether that means assigning workloads regularly or building-integrated application solutions to streamline the project and improve performance. It allows you to automate tasks that would otherwise be manual.

Is Nifty a user-friendly platform?

Nifty is set up in a calendar view that gives you an excellent overview of the project or projects you’re working on. It allows you to easily add members to your teams and has a user-friendly navigation bar on the left side of the screen. There is also a convenient chat section for issues.

Overall, Nifty is extremely user-friendly, it meets the expectations of modern internet users and provides a professional and easy-to-understand interface for project management solutions. Not only that, Nifty is an automated software platform giving you less to manage.

Can I change the language of Nifty?

Operating a business these days is not a domestic affair, on the contrary, many businesses have to run projects across the globe interacting with teams in other languages. A project management software solution wouldn’t be much use if it didn’t have international capabilities.

Nifty has this capability! Not only does the platform support international keyboards, but it allows you to change the interface to six different languages. These languages are English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Japanese, so you never have to worry about communication.

Can Nifty be personalized?

It’s important that a software platform can be personalized, both from the point of view of managers and team members. For managers, a platform needs to have an identity that other team members can integrate with, and settings have to be optimized for global communities.

It’s simple to personalize the Nifty platform. If you’re a manager all you have to do is click on the profile image which takes you to the settings page; there, you can change the time and date to suit the operating hours of the team. Team members can then integrate fully with the project.

Final Thoughts

Overall Nifty is excellent project management software that goes the extra mile to ensure that projects are completed on time and within a budget. It does this by integrating teams and creating spaces for dynamic collaboration, it also uses the latest analytics technology for time management and productivity. If you need software that’s reliable and flexible, choose Nifty.


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