HubSpot CRM Review

What is HubSpot Inbound Marketing?


We’ve all had the experience of being interrupted in the middle of a busy day or when we’re relaxing at home with someone who wants to grab our attention and sell us something.

That is the nature of outbound marketing – it tries to engage us and sell us products we don’t necessarily want or need. While successful to an extent, inbound marketing is more successful.

Inbound marketing differs from the alternative in a number of key ways. First of all, inbound marketing is all about finding the best solution for your inquiry. Unlike outbound marketing, customers are already looking for a product or service when they contact your company. The task is to provide the best service and offer them extras that might enhance their experience.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing software makes this possible! HubSpot Inbound Marketing software includes a marketing hub to help you grow your business by increasing traffic and conversions. It also has a brilliant sales hub that gives you insights into customers’ behavior and lets you automate tasks. Further benefit from a service hub, CMS hub, and operations hub.

If you need a sales and marketing hub that is powerful and easy to use, take a look at HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software. There’s a reason HubSpot has grown the reputation it has over the years; this software uses analytics and modern processes to engage customers at every point on the sales cycle and delivers a service that leads to better conversions and better revenue.

How Does HubSpot Work?

HubSpot is cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software. That means it’s software that’s hosted and managed on servers maintained by a third-party vendor. For businesses, this means there is no need to invest in expensive software or have it installed on your network. Instead, sign up for HubSpot on your web browser and gain the benefits right away.

Customer Relationship Management Software handles interactions between your company and your customers, it ensures your customers receive a high level of service at every point in the sales cycle, but it also gathers information on your customers and their behaviors with your business. This helps you to optimize your business for better performance and management.

HubSpot is an impressive CRM service and has rightly achieved its status as a leading platform in today’s software solutions market. HubSpot provides tools for marketing, sales, content management, and customer services. These tools can be used independently or in combination for a more powerful service. Signing up to HubSpot and getting started with it is super easy.

Start using HubSpot today, or test their service with the demo version. There is no special software to buy since HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM. After you log in to the website, you can sign up for their subscription service and integrate your email. After that, you can start importing contacts, outlining your deal stages, and crafting ads to show customers at the perfect times.

HubSpot Features

Marketing Hub

hubspot marketing hub

Most businesses today require some form of digital marketing strategy. For example, it’s estimated that around 49% of today’s customers use an organic internet search to find their products and services, so if you don’t have a digital marketing platform on board, you’re missing out on some serious conversions. A simple way to get started is with HubSpot marketing Hub.

hubspot marketing hub pricings

Of course, there are ways to engage customers with other digital marketing technologies. SEO content, internet ads, social media marketing and more, are all viable options for increasing traffic and engaging customers. The trouble is that these practices exist independently of each other; it requires knowledge of individual platforms to build success, which is time-consuming.

The HubSpot marketing hub is the core feature of the HubSpot suite. It’s responsible for growing traffic, lead generation and management, analytics, and running entire inbound marketing campaigns. If you want to know what type of customers are engaging with your business in terms of demographics, location, and more, take a look at your HubSpot platform.

Sales hub

hubspot sales hub

These days there are two types of ads used predominantly on the internet. There are banner ads and targeted ads. Banner ads are less expensive; the reason is they are less effective. Like old-style banner ads you see from the highway, banner ads are designed to cast a wide net and catch as many people as possible. Target ads use customers insights to improve conversions.

hubspot sales hub pricings

What type of ads do you think are most effective? On the basis of return on investment (ROI), it’s clear that target ads are more successful, they create more conversions, and for that reason, they cost a little more. But target ads aren’t the only thing the HubSpot Sales Hub can help you with; it helps you automate tasks you don’t like and close deals faster and more successfully.

Other cloud-based software sales platforms exist, but none are as qualified and integrated as HubSpot. The advantage of HubSpot is the fully integrated platform that allows different aspects of analytics and customer intelligence to interact and enhance business performance. For instance, HubSpot learns about your customers and uses tracking to improve conversion rates.

Service Hub

hubspot service hub

Suppose you don’t have an effective customer service infrastructure. In that case, you won’t be able to communicate effectively with customers, retain customers, or provide your customers with the levels of service they have come to expect. But if you don’t have a customer service platform or infrastructure for your business, it can be difficult to know where to start.

hubspot service hub pricings

However, these days, it’s not enough to provide a basic customer service solution. The customer service platform must also learn about customer requirements to improve your business in the right direction; it must also use new technologies to turn customers into business promoters by providing a high-quality word-of-mouth service that blossoms.

If you’re struggling to find an appropriate platform for your customer service requirements, consider HubSpot customer service hub. Once again, this feature is included in the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software, meaning that it is fully integrated with the marketing and sales hub. It gives you a high-quality solution to all your customer service concerns and lots more.


hubspot cms hub

Content is still king when it comes to digital marketing. Although other forms of content have begun to creep in, such as video content and interactive content, the written word is still one of the most accessible and useful forms of customer engagement and brand marketing. Algorithms also change regularly, but high-quality content and link building are still core ranking factors.

hubspot cms hub pricings

It’s obvious that you need a strong SEO strategy if you want to be successful in today’s online environments. The trouble is that many businesses don’t have the tools, infrastructure, or personnel to create high-quality SEO articles that drive traffic and improve conversion rates. That’s why HubSpot’s CMS Hub makes life easier with powerful tools that work.

On the CMS Hub, you will find a drag and drop editor that helps you with the layout of your articles. Article layouts are also an important ranking factor for search engines. Add to this HubSpot’s SEO recommendations, such as tips on how to write your articles, so they are successful with search engines and how to exploit user experience and core web vitals best.

Operations Hub

hubspot operations hub

Integration should be a buzzword for businesses operating today. There needs to be integration between the sales and marketing teams, between customers and managers, and between software, apps, data centers, and networks. In short, the more integrated you can make your business, the more streamlined and efficient it’s going to be – this equates to stronger revenues.

hubspot operations hub pricings

Think about your everyday life! Chances are you’re either an Apple user or an Android user. Either way, you’re apps, browsers, and the database will be fully integrated, meaning you have fewer passwords to remember and better cross-platform operations. This is exactly the same when it comes to your business. Employees and customers expect a level of integration.

The HubSpot Operations Hub provides data sync capabilities to store and streamline data between its source, your business, and your end-users. Data sync not only improves performance and customer experience it also improves data security. The operations Hub also provides programmable automation so you can arrange mundane tasks automatically.

HubSpot Pros

Easy to Use

One of the top perks of using HubSpot software is the user-friendliness of the interface. In comparison to other CRM software, HubSpot is simple and straightforward. It also provides plenty of support in the form of software contacts and an extensive knowledge base to help.

Knowledge Base

When using the HubSpot CRM software, you will encounter unfamiliar terms and processes. HubSpot has anticipated these issues and built an extensive knowledge base packed with information, lessons, live training, and quick answers. You’re never on your own with HubSpot.

Excellent Customer Support

Sometimes cloud-based software can seem a bit remote. If you don’t know how to use the product, you have to search the internet or find third-party support. That’s not the case with HubSpot. The platform offers access to its award-winning customer support network.

All-in-one CRM

HubSpot stands out in the software market because it is a fully integrated solution. Unlike competing software platforms, HubSpot allows you to integrate sales and marketing and collaborate with teams in an innovative way. It also integrates with third-party platforms.

Customizable Templates

Another stand-out feature of HubSpot is its wide array of customizable templates. On HubSpot, you will find templates for social media calendars, blog posts, infographics, e-books, sales training, and much more. These templates can be easily tailored to your unique requirements.

Flexible Pricing

hubspot crm suite pricings

HubSpot isn’t always the cheapest CRM software on the market; that said, it offers plenty of flexible pricing options, so you only pay for the service you need. HubSpot’s flexible pricing options are based on the size of your business and your specific tools and requirements.

HubSpot Cons

Onboarding Fee

One major drawback of the HubSpot platform is the onboarding fee which can be substantial depending on the size and requirements of your business. As with all automated software, you will pay a monthly subscription, but you will also pay a fee of between $300-$3000.


HubSpot is a fully integrated software solution, but that doesn’t mean it’s always straightforward. The reality is that HubSpot requires extensive configurations, especially in the beginning. If you don’t spend time configuring HubSpot for your business, you could be wasting money.

Ease of Use

Although HubSpot is renowned for being user-friendly, it can sometimes get complicated, especially when you need to configure your business operations carefully. The good news is that HubSpot has anticipated these concerns and offers plenty of help from experts.



How does HubSpot compare to other software?

Very favorably! HubSpot understands the changing nature of cloud-based software platforms and makes a continual effort to innovate and improve. As a result, it’s one of the best integrated-CRMs.

What’s the difference between HubSpot ads and search engines?

Both HubSpot and search engine ads include a piece of code at the end of the ad allowing analytics technology to track and gather data. But HubSpot’s accounts system is a bit simpler.

What are the benchmarks for landing page conversions?

Since landing pages are so important to conversion rates, HubSpot puts a lot of resources into optimizing these for your business. So expect plenty of support and customizable templates.

What is the average click-through rate for e-mails?

Different businesses and campaigns have different requirements when it comes to email campaigns. HubSpot allows you to track and tweak campaigns to help increase conversions.

Final Thoughts

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software is the one-stop shop for all your marketing requirements. This software is specially designed to integrate seamlessly with your business and provide the tools you need to capture the attention of visiting customers and turn clicks into conversions.

Any business operating today needs a digital marketing infrastructure, and HubSpot is one of the most complete and more reliable solutions around. Of course, there are some drawbacks to HubSpot, such as pricing, but there are far fewer than competing software options.

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