Zoko Review: Grow Business on WhatsApp

The latest innovation for online commerce is CRM for chat platforms like WhatsApp. Zoko is one of the leading software services on the market today for CRM.

Did you notice the world is changing? Maybe that’s an understatement! Although we already have some excellent technology for commerce, it is constantly evolving and advancing. One of those advances has been in the area of chat software for online businesses. A growing market.

Chat technology began on cell phones and made its way onto social media; today, it is used as a primary mode of communication for social and commercial purposes. While many platforms have independent chat services, many don’t. That’s why WhatsApp is the most used platform.

If you’re operating an online business today, it makes sense to consider a CRM for WhatsApp; not only is this an innovative and emerging area, it’s also highly effective for engaging customers, growing sales, and building your brand both online and offline – it’s a no-brainer!

What is Zoko?


In short, Zoko is a customer relationship management platform, but this one is focused on WhatsApp, the largest and most popular chat platform in the world.

A customer relationship management tool is used to interact with customers for customer services, sales, and more.

If you want to improve your customer services and build your business for the future, it makes sense to consider a CRM for WhatsApp. Zoko has a range of features that brings new capabilities to businesses using the popular app, including enhanced marketing tools.

If you want to contact your entire customer base with a friendly personalized message to promote a product using the multiple broadcast feature of Zoko; or, if you want to fast track customers and take advantage of customer buying intent, use the fast track service.

How Does Zoko Work?

Zoko might not be an essential business service at the moment, but it’s only a matter of time before companies catch on to the accelerated sales possibilities of the app; not only that, Zoko can enhance customer service relations and fast track priority customers for better results.

multiple agents on 1 number zoko

Zoko is an API which means it’s a form of software that maps onto a third-party app or platform, in this case, WhatsApp. After Zoko plans and signup to the service, you can integrate your online store with WhatsApp using a single number to contact your customers and clients.

Zoko is the number one customer service management system for WhatsApp; once you are signed up, you will find the platform very convenient and user-friendly. Not only is it easy to learn and practice right away, but Zoko also has a team of experts ready to answer any questions.

Zoko Pricing

When it comes to pricing, there is an option to suit any business; although there is no free trial available, you can obtain an excellent overview of the platform using the demo videos available on the website or a more detailed demo video that is available on request, or you can sign up.

zoko pricings

If you know you want to invest in a Zoko WhatsApp service, head over to the pricing section of the website and consider the four pricing options that are available right away. These options include Starter, Team, Pro, and Business; they have prices suitable to the size of your business.

If you only want an entry-level service, then the Starter plan is best. The Starter plan gives you 500 monthly unique users (MUC), free incoming and outgoing messages, and all features. On the top end, there is the business service that gives you a Shopify add-on and all templates.

Who Uses Zoko?

Zoko is used by businesses of all sizes, any business that wants to tap into new technologies such as WhatsApp and harness the popular platform to improve customer relationships and grow their business can benefit. However, it’s excellent for startups and small businesses.

who uses zoko

One small gardening store has said that Zoko allowed their business to put more agents on call to cover orders increasing their capacity to make sales. They report that Zoko is the best customer relationship management tool for WhatsApp with excellent customer service support.

connect shopify store to whatsapp with zoko

A slightly larger furniture business took advantage of the Shopify integration services to increase customer engagement and sales revenue. It’s clear that any business operating online today can benefit from integrating an automated WhatsApp chat service into their model.

Zoko Features

When it comes to customers services and organizing your sales funnel, a chat platform might not be the first thing you consider – but times are changing. Nowadays, around 2 billion people worldwide are using chat technology to communicate, and for commerce, this is one of the reasons you can’t fail to ignore an innovative software platform such as the Zoko platform.

green tick mark zoko

Zoko is the number one business app for chat technology; working with the largest chat platform on the planet, Zoko allows you to fast track customers that show intent to buy a product or service from you, take orders on the platform, and broadcast friendly messages to everyone. Find out more about the primary features of Zoko software in the following buyer’s guide.

Fastrack Customers

Now and then, a customer on your WhatsApp decides they want to buy one of your products or services. This is customer intent, and it’s the best time to sell your products; that’s why you don’t want these priority customers languishing at the bottom of your customer service heap.

With Zoko software, you can fast track these customers and put them at the top of the list, allowing your customer services agents to take advantage of high customer intent and make conversions before they change their minds. Zoko enhances your online business in this way.

Fast-tracking your customers and putting them on a priority list is not a common feature of chat platforms, but Zoko API allows you to achieve this by mapping its technology onto WhatsApp and opening up the possibilities of connecting with your customers in new ways.

Take Orders on WhatsApp

Commerce has changed in the last few years; technology has changed, and so has the way customers shop. Not only do more people shop online than ever before, but mobile devices are increasingly used on the high street to search for better deals elsewhere and make purchases.

take orders on whatsapp with zoko

If you have customers on your WhatsApp feed, it makes sense to encourage conversions by opening up this platform as a sales tool. Customers can find a product or service on your website and send it quickly to their WhatsApp feed to make the final sale, which drives revenue.

WhatsApp is now ranked as the most used mobile messaging app on the planet with around 2 billion active users; this is hard to ignore if you are running an online business. The good news is that your e-commerce business can connect easily with your customers on chat using Zoko.

Broadcast Messages

It’s not only online and offline commerce that’s changing, but the technology we have been using for years is also continually optimized and enhanced for better performances. This raises customers’ expectations, especially when it comes to customer service relationships.

broadcast messages with zoko

One thing online customers don’t like is waiting, and another thing they are averse to is a de-personalized AI service. Using chat, you can now engage your customers better and scale your personalized communications with them easily. This is another excellent Zoko feature.

Let’s say you have a promotion at a special time of year, such as Black Friday or the post-Christmas sales. In that case, you can broadcast a warm, personalized message to all your customers promoting the discount, which helps to increase sales and strengthens your brand.


How much does Zoko cost?

Zoko says that it has a plan to suit every business, so whatever SML business you run, you can be confident that Zoko is affordable API software. The first thing to note about Zoko is that t has zero setups fees which reduce the costs right away. You can then choose between four plans that range from the starter plan at $24,99 per month to the business plan at $219.99 per month.

Does Zoko have a free plan?

Zoko does not have a free plan; it only offers zero-setup fees. However, the platform does have a demo version that you can watch in the form of a video. To access the demo video, visit the website and input your e-mail address. It can take up to seven days for a Zoko team member to get back to you, but it’s usually far sooner than that. Expect your demo to arrive in a day or two.

Does Zoko offer analytics insights?

Zoko is a WhatsApp integration platform, and as such, it benefits from the WhatsApp analytics tools. WhatsApp has analytics tools that can improve chat visibility for evaluation, create metrics that give you important data on your customer service chats, and provide various levels of customer engagement. Benefit from more contact data than ever before with Zoko software.

Can Zoko help to grow a business?

The answer is yes! Zoko was designed to help businesses communicate more efficiently with their customers, build the reputation of their brand and use valuable insights to improve the business internally. Nowadays, chat is one of the best ways to communicate, and it’s no longer just a social technology. Stats show that almost half of customers prefer contact through chat.

Final Thoughts

Even if you have a CRM in place for your business, you may not have a chat capability, which is why Zoko is such a great option. Zoko allows you to add a wide range of services to your online business that helps to improve your customer relationships and build your business online.

Zoko provides a range of services for your business, but the primary features are fast-tracking, order taking, and message broadcasting. Fast-taking allows you to prioritize customers with intent, while order-taking lets you sell through WhatsApp – broadcasting sends SMS to clients.

If you want to work efficiently with your customer base, then consider Zoko for your online business. Zoko accelerates your businesses performance and creates excellent integration that strengthens your business for the future, so prioritize customer experience today using Zoko.

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