Zoho Projects Review

Zoho Projects is the only project management software you need to take your business to the next level, benefit from effective task management and first class integrations.

If you’re in the business of productivity you need effective project management software. Project management software is available at all levels, from the enterprise level right down to a small business with only a few employees. In effect, the size of the organization doesn’t matter, it’s the organization that counts – something that the designers of Zoho Projects software understands.

Zoho Project management software is not the only software solution of its kind on the market, in fact, there are many like it, but it stands apart and for good reasons. Not only does Zoho Projects provide companies with a range of conventional features to streamline projects and improve productivity, but it also offers superb integrations and Issue Tracking the elevates it above others.

What is Zoho Projects?

zoho projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to organize tasks, automate tasks, streamline workflow patterns, and resolve technical issues that can delay projects and cause bottlenecks. The software is competitively priced and easy for anyone to learn online.

Although the software is uniquely focused on tasks and project management, it has a range of additional features that enhance user experience and help it compete with some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s integrations, for instance, are wide-ranging and relevant to projects.

getting started with zoho projects

How Does Zoho Projects Work?

Although some reviews state that Zoho Projects is not the most user-friendly platform, they aren’t referring to its primary function, project creation and task management. When it comes to this functionality, Zoho Projects is simple to navigate and can be learned by almost anyone.

navigating to zoho projects

To create a project on Zoho Projects, all you have to do is open the dashboard and click the projects button on the left navigation menu. A new screen opens with a New Project button, click this to begin. For here, you can fill out your project details and select templates to use.

Zoho Projects Pricing

Zoho Projects pricing is highly competitive and provides users with excellent value for money thanks to its rich complement of features. There are three pricing tiers to choose from, the Free Tier, the Premium Tier, and the Enterprise Tier, each of these tiers can also be trailed for free.

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The Basic Tier gives you very limited functionality, but it doesn’t cost anything, with this tier you can expect two projects and limited storage space, but there are still many charts and task features. The Premium Tier is the most popular, and Enterprise has value for £8 per month.

Zoho Projects Features

Zoho Projects features are both conventional and innovative, they offer everything you might expect from a project management software solution such as Task Management and integrations, but additionally, Zoho Projects has Blueprints, Issue Tracking and Marketplace.

Below, you can see a quick rundown of the Zoho Projects features and how they can benefit your business. These features are designed to create tasks within projects, assign them efficiently, monitor them, and solve problem effectively to generate better short term outcomes.

Task Management

Regardless of the size or complexity of your team project you need a way to organize your tasks and keep track of progress, not only does this improve your project efficiency, but it also increases company productivity and revenue. Zoho makes this easy with task management.

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Task management allows you to break complex projects down into manageable tasks and subtasks, milestones, and task-lists, which is achieved by using Kanban boards and Gantt charts. These proven methods allow you to connect related tasks and stay on schedule.

Task Automation

Nowadays, businesses tend to automate repetitive tasks and boost their productivity, there are two reasons for this, the first is that software is available to support this functionality, and the second is that most businesses are doing it, so it’s necessary to stay competitive in the market.

task automation zoho projects

Whether it’s scheduling routine meetings, booking clients, assigning project tasks, or one of the many other standardized workflow processes, Zoho helps you streamline projects and increase productivity in a few simple clicks. Zoho Projects has excellent automation options.


Similar to task automation, blueprints from Zoho Projects is a service that allows companies to streamline workflows by using effective shortcuts. Projects can be become complex and require oversight and approval from managers at different stages, which is where Blueprints can help.

Blueprints are organized templates that allow you to visualize your projects, connect them to multiple team that include relevant personnel, and automate task actions to maintain project fluency. There is no need to assign tasks manually, let Blueprints do the tedious work for you.

Time Tracking

If you care about productivity then you care about time tracking, regardless of the project it’s important to know how much time individuals are spending on specific tasks and where you can save time and improve workflows. Time tracking software has timesheets and task timers.

Using timesheets, task timers, and more, project members can log their hours allowing you to maintain accurate records detailing performance. Naturally, you tasks can then be optimized for efficiency and bottlenecks in the project can be sourced and resolved quicker than usual.

Charts and Reporting

When it comes to project management there is no one-size-fits-all approach, you need to use a range of strategies and features – such as charts and reporting – to gets the most value and productivity from your team members. Zoho Projects is equipped with multiple chart features.

gantt and reports zoho projects

Using Gantt charts you can align tasks within a project by creating discrepancies, Gantt charts also allow you to monitor tasks closely and reschedule items at short notice. Additionally, you can use Resource Allocation Charts to ensure that work is distributed evenly across your teams.

Issue Tracking

Every project encounters issues, but whether they are logistical or technical, Zoho Projects has a feature allowing you to track, manage, and resolve project issues efficiently. Issue tracking helps you record and fix issues and bugs in projects that leads to delays and productivity issue.

issue tracking zoho projects

Whatever bug or issue a team member encounters it can be manually logged in the issue management database which can be organized in several ways. Create custom views to prioritize certain bug issues, and import and export the data sheets as necessary in the project.

Team Collaboration

Collaboration is a primary feature in most project management solutions these days, that’s because teams operate remotely for various locations, as well as in a centralized office in some cases. Zoho Projects uses the best features of social media technology for the best outcomes.

Zoho Projects is a feed, just like a social media channel or forum, where you can add comments to threads relating to the project. Additionally, there is a chat function that keeps team members connected and engaged in real time. Forums are also available from Zoho Projects.


As with team collaboration features, any respectable modern project management software must be able to integrate apps from the platform and third party apps to achieve the best cross-platform performance, In this regard, Zoho Projects is up-to-date with the latest apps.

Whether you want to use Google apps, Microsoft apps, Zoho apps, or third party imports, you have plenty of flexibility and freedom with the Zoho Projects platform. Zoho Projects offers an extensive range of app integrations that challenges some of the best software on the market.


Whether you are looking for apps, extensions, or additional software solutions, you can find it at the marketplace, especially built-in feature of the Zoho projects platform. Forget about searching the internet for compatible apps and software, the marketplace has everything.

Simply visit the Zoho Projects website and click on the marketplace feature, it opens in a new window where you will see a digital storefront stocked with apps and extensions that you can easily buy and add onto your software solution to further benefit your project’s workflow pattern.

Zoho Projects Pros

Pricing: The pricing plans for Zoho Projects are competitive and fair, there are currently three pricing plans that includes the basic plan, premium plan, and enterprise plan. Each plan comes with a useful set of features and can be trialed on the platform for ten days at no additional cost.

Downtime: One of the reasons businesses use project management software is to make their projects more efficient and productive, but that can’t happen if there is downtime. Zoho projects has an excellent uptime record and continually modifies features to keep them fine-tuned.

Billing: In combination with time tracking, billing is one of the stand-out features of Zoho projects for users. Time tracking allows companies to see exactly how much time was given to specific projects making billing clients faster and more accurate, with more transparency overall.

Zoho Projects Cons

Task Searching: While Zoho Projects is primarily a task management platform, there are some inefficiencies in the search functionality that can lead to frustration. Visit a project and you can search for any task, but outside the project task searching is not available – at least at for now.

Dashboard: The Zoho Projects dashboard is well designed in many ways, but one downside is the limited options for inputting client names. Unfortunately, client names can only be registered in the sequence they are input and not alphabetically, leading to search and exporting issues.

Learning Curve: One further drawback of Zoho Projects is the time it takes to learn the platform, while there are plenty of articles and videos online detailing the software’s main functionality, most new users report that it is less intuitive and user-friendly than other PM software solutions.

Final Thoughts

Zoho Projects is a popular software management solution with businesses looking for effective task management and flexibility within their project organization. This software is built around task management and offers a wide range of features to improve productivity and performance.

Some of the features you can find on the Zoho Projects platform include Task Management, Task Automation, Time Tracking, Charts and Reporting, and more. In addition to these standard features, Zoho Projects includes Blueprints, Issue Tracking, and Integrations not often found.

If you are a small or medium sized business that runs projects regularly, you could benefit from using Zoho Projects – the software is also used extensively in the IT and services industries. If you want to streamline your workflows and improve productivity, Zoho Projects is a top platform.


How do I use Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects might not be the most intuitive software on the market, but it’s very powerful when you know how to use it. The main purpose of Zoho projects is task management to make your projects more efficient, so the software allows you to break down projects into tasks and sub-tasks for better results. If you are unsure, search for Zoho projects tutorials for extra help.

Is Zoho Projects quality software?

Zoho Projects is one of the best task management software solutions you can find, it gives companies a software platform to organize and assign tasks, automate tasks, and problem solve, all for a competitive monthly price. Deciding on software is often determined by the requirements for a business, but if task management is your priority, Zoho is quality software.

Is Zoho Projects user-friendly software?

The answer to this depends on how much experience you have of project management software. In most cases, this software is straight forward and intuitive, especially when it comes to the Gantt charts and reporting. That said, if you lack some experience of these kinds of tools, you might benefit from some online lessons, tutorials, or guidance from their customer services.

Are projects in Zoho easy to manage?

Most of the functionality of the software takes place in the projects panel, you can access this in the left navigation menu. Once you open a project you can start creating and assigning tasks, you can also time track your tasks and create tracking charts within a project file. In short, you should find the projects feature of Zoho Projects intuitive and user-friendly to navigate.

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