Teamwork Review

Do you need an integrated project management software solution that delivers better outcomes to clients? If so, Teamwork is a winning choice for a business of any size.

Whether you need a new project management platform or want to upgrade your existing one, Teamwork is worth considering. The market for project management software is saturated at the moment, so you need to be more discerning about the products you choose for your business.

Teamwork is worth considering because it lives up to expectations and offers a little extra to make it stand out in the noise. Teamwork not only offers a tiered pricing option to suit every level of business, but it provides excellent resource management solutions and digital integrations.

With so many project management options available, it can be hard to make the right choice for your business; that’s why Teamwork offers a free trial version along with a basic free version for small businesses. Read the review below to find out if Teamwork is the right choice for you.

What is Teamwork?


If you operate a small business with multiple employees and you deliver projects to clients, chances are you have project management software.

This is software that allows you to manage your resources, assign tasks, control budgets, and a lot more in a single platform.

Nowadays, there are numerous project management platforms available; you might say the market for them is saturated, but that only increases competition and, therefore, product quality. Teamwork is an example of one such platform that provides the basics along with innovation.

what is teamwork

Teamwork is a project management solution for SML businesses and marketing agencies that streamlines workflows, integrates communication with the latest apps, and improves interactions with clients. All this adds up to a better result for clients and better reviews for your business.

How Does Teamwork Work?

Like most software solutions these days, Teamwork is a software as a service (SaaS) solution meaning that you can buy it directly from the website and start using it right away; additionally, you can upgrade your service at any time depending on your needs or your client requirements.

teamwork projects

If you’re new to Teamwork, or you’re not sure about the viability of it for your business, you can test it out with the free version. Although the free version has limited features, it is still operable for your business and gives you a working idea of its usefulness. You can upgrade at any time.

Once you are on the Teamwork platform, you can start developing the dashboard according to your business requirements. Begin with the Projects screen that gives you an overview of the tasks you have for the day. Click on one of the projects to view or start assigning tasks to teams.

Teamwork Pricing

Teamwork is generous with it comes to pricing options; not only can you try the platform in real-time to find out if it’s suitable for your business, but you can also signup for the free pricing option that gives your full access to the platform for no costs; however, it’s limited to five users.

teamwork pricings

If you require a more substantial service, the Teamwork platform moves up in tiers; if you want to manage multiple projects and impress your clients with accurate and timely deliveries, you could benefit from the Deliver, Grow, or Scale the options that are ideal for larger companies.

On the higher tiers, you can expect to onboard more users and gain access to more features. Benefit from unlimited project templates, along with advanced customization and more integrations. For larger businesses, there is a scale option that offers a bespoke design service.

Teamwork Features

What makes Teamwork stand apart from the numerous project management platforms on the market today is the range of features it has to offer. Not only does Teamwork cover the basics such as portfolios, resource management, automation, and apps, it has innovative options too.

The unlimited user’s feature of Teamwork allows employees and managers to work closely with clients to refine the project and deliver better outcomes, but if you’re worried about too much interference from clients, you needn’t be; the platforms give you full control and autonomy.


If you’re like most businesses and agencies, you have a number of plates spinning at once, and without proper organization, it can be hard to keep track of projects and make sure everything gets completed on time. The portfolio feature of Teamwork offers a birds-eye view of projects.

teamwork portfolio feature

The software allows you to choose your favorite perspective, so you can choose a list view, a grid view, or a birdseye view, giving you a simple overview of all the projects you have in progress. From this dashboard, you can then access projects, post updates, and assign tasks.

Resource Management

Project management is key to operating your business efficiently and delivering projects on time; unless you have a system for allocating project tasks, you end up with light days for some workers and heavy days for others. With resource management, you access real-time insights.

Teamwork software has a convenient workload planner that prevents bottlenecks by prioritizing work and assigning tasks with informed insights. The workload planner has a calendar view that tells you what team members are working on along with their availability and daily capacities.


Nowadays, it makes sense to utilize automation at every opportunity. Automating repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to increase your productivity and stay competitive in the market. Most businesses use automation to speed up daily processes and focus skilled staff elsewhere.

teamwork automation

Teamwork offers automation on its platform in the form of tasks. Simply select a task and program it using the dropdown menu; once programmed, the task activates according to your set criteria. Teamwork software also has a gallery of templates to improve your automation.


Nowadays, software for businesses needs to offer full integration, that’s because most businesses operate cross-platform and use a wide range of apps for productivity. Some of the most popular industry apps today include Slack, Microsoft Office, Hubspot, Dropbox, and more.

teamwork apps

If you choose Teamwork for your project management software, you benefit from full integration with some of the best-known apps on the market. Make the most of fast communication in the digital office with Slack, or assign tasks using Microsoft Office within the Teamwork platform.

Time Tracking

It’s probably best not to micro-manage your team if you want the best results on projects; that said, some more information on how your team’s time is being spent can help to make your business more productive and leads to more accurate estimates for clients with time tracking.

teamwork time tracking

The time tracking feature of Teamwork software allows you to measure the time employees are spending on the project, along with different aspects of the project. These valuable insights allow you to optimize your workflow processes and deliver more accurate pitches to your clients.

Gantt Chart

Any business that runs a project needs a Gantt Chart; this is a chart that gives you a clear visual account of the project, the assignments, and the outcomes. Gantt Charts also allows you to assign tasks to team members and stay updated on when aspects of the project are completed.

The Gantt Charts in Teamwork are easy to access and view, giving you a simple visual of work in progress and due dates. Not only that, the tasks are laid out in a sequence based on their order of completion, allowing you to plan ahead and preventing bottlenecks and project delays.


Team members appreciate efficiency as much as employers and clients; that’s when you need a suitable system for assigning workloads and tasks, especially if you operate a digital workstation. Teamwork has an excellent system for collaboration, communication, and setup.

teamwork teams

Start by grouping your team members together; you can group them into departments and sub-departments depending on specialties and project requirements. The platform allows you to assign tasks to department members or entire departments to give them autonomy for the task.

Unlimited Users

Project management is a tricky business at the best of times; working with disparate members of teams and clients, you need to convey briefs and ideas accurately to improve quality, productivity, and revenue. Teamwork helps by onboarding clients to comment on projects.

With Teamwork, you can now involve the clients directly in the project and control their level of access; this means your team can work effectively by themselves but still benefit from comments and close collaboration with clients leading to better outcomes and better reviews.

Teamwork Pros

Excellent task management: Teamwork is a winning software solution when it comes to task management and no wonder since it has more than one feature dedicated to the process. Stay effortlessly updated with what your team members are working on and assign tasks efficiently.

Excellent customizations: One of the stand out features of Teamwork is the ability to add your clients to the project and refine the goals. Many users found this to be a special feature of Teamwork that give it the edge over other project management platforms that don’t customize.

Excellent integrations: Although Teamwork is not the only project management platform to integrate the latest apps, it makes sure you have access to the most relevant and popular apps for digital workstations. These integrations streamline workflows and improve your productivity.

Teamwork Cons

Workflow issues: There are some issues with the way that tasks are sent to billing for the payment cycle. In order for a task to be accepted by billing, it needs to have hours attached, this is common enough, but if the task has no hours attached, it becomes an issue and a headache.

Lack of warnings: Teamwork provides excellent integration and cross-platform performance, but there is a distinct lack of security warnings when signing in from third-party devices. Naturally, this could pose a security issue if you are working on projects with sensitive data.

Billing issues: If you want to get reports out of the systems, you might need to undertake some manual processes; unfortunately, the billing side of things is less automated, meaning you have to learn a few processes in the Teamwork platform. But, these processes are straightforward.

Final Thoughts

Project management software is essential for businesses operating across platforms in the digital age; employees appreciate the integration and efficiency of logging on and seeing their assigned tasks on a convenient platform in the morning. Teamwork is a stand-out PM platform.

So what makes Teamwork so special? For one thing, it is an excellent platform for task management; Teamwork offers excellent resource management and app integration to make projects faster and more accurate; it also allows you to onboard your clients to get involved.

Although there are many project management platforms on the market today, Teamwork stands out thanks to its innovative approach. Not only does it provide the same solid foundations as other solutions, like integration and visibility, it puts client needs front and center of the workflow.

Teamwork FAQs

What does Teamwork do?

Teamwork is a project management software solution that helps businesses connect clients with specialist employees. It also allows managers to organize and assign tasks efficiently, monitor workflow patterns, and communicate with teams and team members through popular apps.

What makes Teamwork different?

The primary stand-out feature of Teamwork software is the ability to onboard clients and get them involved in the projects. This innovation is not a common feature of project management platforms, but it will be in the coming years thanks to the all-round benefits it has to offer.

Who uses Teamwork software?

If you’re a small business with between two and fifty employees or a marketing agency with dedicated teams, you need some project management software in place. Platforms like Teamwork allow you to communicate better and assign tasks to save time and resources.

Where to buy Teamwork software?

Teamwork is a SaaS solution meaning that you can buy it online and use it right away; there’s no need to download the software onto your network as everything is stored in the cloud. Visit the Teamwork website and view their pricing plans; if you want, you can buy it from there.

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