SmartSuite Review

SmartSuite is project management software that gives you the tools you need to streamline and organize your workflow like never before – find out more in this comprehensive review.

These days there is plenty of open-source software to help you run a business; think of the Google Suite, for instance, then of course, there’s Microsoft and Adobe as well, so what makes SmartSuite different? For one thing, it integrates all your business processes and centralizes them for a small monthly fee; there are huge advantages to operating from a single platform.

What is SmartSuite?


SmartSuite is a complete solution to project management and team collaboration; it uses a simple interface combined with a wide range of tools and applications to streamline workflows and make meeting a little more colorful.

SmartSuite is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and even freelance workers, with intuitive, user-friendly services.

How Does SmartSuite Work?

SmartSuite is a software as a service platform, so you can access it online and sign up for the plan that suits your business the best. Once you have selected a plan, you can start to explore the software right away (you can even benefit from a 14-day free trial to try before you buy). The platform has a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to connect with team members quickly.

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SmartSuite Pricing

Start your SmartSuite journey with a 14-day free trial that allows you to try the software out in your business before investing in it. However, SmartSuite makes it easy for you to invest because they match excellent functionality with a low-cost pricing structure. Get started with SmartSuite for as little as $10 per user per month, rising to $25 and $35 as the plans scale.

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Who Uses SmartSuite?

SmartSuite is useful for any business that wants to integrate its workflow patterns and centralize its operations. SmartSuite was designed to provide a single platform for everything, a place where information, processes, and communication tools are integrated and work towards a common goal. SmartSuite is fully scalable, so it can be used effectively in all SML businesses.

SmartSuite Features


Automation has revolutionized businesses in recent years because it takes the pressure off internal teams and allows tasks to be accomplished more quickly. Automation also improves productivity because it means staff members can apply for of their time to growth strategies.

smartsuite automations

SmartSuite offers an excellent range of automation tools allowing you to take a hands-off approach to running the business. Whether you need to send e-mails at a set time or assign incoming e-mail to projects, you can with SmartSuite. And there’s much more to discover.

Power Search

Automation is not the only thing that has revolutionized industries, the concept of “search” has too. Search is used daily, but its functionality has significantly improved; you can still perform broad searches, but it’s now easier to narrow searches and locate minor project details as well.

smartsuite power search

SmartSuite uses everything that search technology has to offer in its software, allowing you to locate content and files easily, even if you can only remember a small detail or footnote. Power Search also lets you locate the staff members you need at the right time boosting productivity.

Data Import

Workflow software needs to be intuitive and user-friendly if it’s going to improve your business, and in this regard, SmartSuite doesn’t disappoint. SmartSuite is a simple and straightforward platform that imports your data from a range of sources and organizes it for you intuitively.

Businesses coming to SmartSuite for the first time want to know if they can import their data and files from conventional locations such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Calendars, and CSV files; the good news is that SmartSuite can import this data quickly and without technical issues.


It’s your data at the end of the day, so you should be free to do what you want with it; at least, that seems to be the attitude at SmartSuite when they offer a wide range of options for printing and exporting. Choose the best format to save or send your data by selecting the menu option.

SmartSuite not only allows you to send or save your data wherever you want, but it also allows you to choose the best format for it. These days, you want your files and documents to look professional and on-brand, which is why SmartSuite offers so many attractive printing options.

Timeline View

Okay, so not everyone responds to visual stimuli; some people respond more to auditory or tactile material; that said, the majority of people have a visual faculty and can process data easily this way. One thing you need in a workflow system is an easy-to-digest visual timeline.

That’s exactly what SmartSuite provides. With SmartSuite, you can arrange your workflows according to projects, dates, time periods, and more. The timeline feature of SmarSuite gives you a clear indication of what projects are ongoing and what tasks need to be accomplished.


Dashboards are where you visualize and organize the project data; it’s also where you make business decisions and assign tasks to team members. A dashboard needs to be intuitive and user-friendly to avoid mistakes and improve efficiency, but it also needs to be attractive.

The reason a dashboard needs to be visually appealing as well as functional is that dashboards are often used in a business meeting with B2B clients. SmartSuite offers a dashboard to appeal to any brand sensibility, but it also gives you plenty of options for assigning tasks to employees.

Chart View

In this world of metrics and analytical data, we need a way to understand the nature of the numbers often; this is done using charts and graphs. Charts and graphs are easy to look at and understand; they are also perfect for presenting data to new customers and clients in meetings.

One of the stand out features of SmartSuite is the capacity for developing and displaying data in colorful charts and graphs. This functionality is evident in the dashboard, but it is used in the Chart View allowing you to create beautiful charts and graphs that will impress your clients.

Task Management

If you’re an employee, you come to expect a level of functionality in your job; you turn up at your desk in the morning, log in to the work station and start working on your assigned tasks. On the employer’s side, assigned tasks make it easier to plan and track the progress of a given project.

smartsuite campaigns by status

No project management system is complete without an effective task management system, and SmartSuite won’t let you down in this regard. Like most project management software tools on the market, SmartSuite provides an intuitive way to date, assign, and track tasks to completion.


In recent years chat technology has improved significantly, extending the range of possibilities in the business world as well as the social world. Live conversations between team members can now be carried out remotely so that projects can be worked on in real-time from anywhere.

“Conversations” is the chat feature used by SmartSuite to facilitate live conversations during projects. Simply open a project and message team members directly on specific elements; you can also create “mentions” and leave comments on projects that can be picked up later.

My Work

Although SmartSuite and other project management software is suitable for organizing significant workflows, it can become a challenge to locate work items if you have many projects operating simultaneously. SmartSuite addresses this issue with a feature called My Work.

smartsuite my work

My Work is a special kind of dashboard that allows you to centralize your projects and access them quickly and efficiently. Regardless of how extensive or complex, your projects become, My Work allows you to manage all of your assigned tasks in one place, boosting productivity.


Data security is a big issue in today’s world of integrated systems, and this goes for internal systems as well as external ones. If you want to secure your internal data for the purposes of client confidence or general data security, you can do this with the permissions feature.

Permissions allow you to edit documents and set them to view, edit, or read-only. So if you want to limit permissions for teams or team members, you can maintain complete control over the workflow process with permissions which helps to promote collaboration in a structured way.


Reports are a useful way to inform and track performance data and project data, so you need an accessible way to create and share reports with the right people and the right permissions. That’s why SmartSuite provides a Reporting feature that has everything included in one place.

smartsuite status reports

Reporting in SmartSuite is an excellent way to present your data to team members and clients; as with other features in the software, Reporting uses the latest charts, graphs, and styles to create readable and visually appealing reports. Reporting also provides permissions options.

SmartSuite Pros

Improves Productivity

Whether you run a small, medium, or large-sized business SmartSuite can improve the efficiency of your projects and, therefore, your overall productivity. SmartSuite is packed with features, all of which contribute to better workflow process, organization, and communication.

Improves Security

In the digital age, security is a big concern; companies need to convince customers and clients they have the best infrastructure to secure their data and use it responsibly. SmartSuite has thought ahead when it comes to security with permissions features to control data accessibility.

SmartSuite Cons

Complicates Tasks

One of the main criticism of project management software is its tendency to over complicate tasks, thereby reducing productivity. SmartSuite addresses this issue by creating a platform that offers a Power search feature and functional dashboard, but it can suffer from legacy issues.

Support System

When it comes to choosing project management software, you might want to consider the support system it has. Although there are many articles and videos available on the website to help understand the SmartSuite software, you sometimes need a service agent. This is one aspect of SmartSuite you might want to consider since agents are not always available.

Final Thoughts

SmartSuite is one of many project management software products on the market, so it can be difficult to know what makes it stand out from the rest. That said, you don’t have to look hard to see that SmartSuite is an excellent software platform that combines functionality with appeal.

That’s exactly what you need from a modern project management platform, SmartSuite is extremely user-friendly, but it doesn’t sacrifice any of the functionality or complexity. No matter what size your business is, you can benefit from this integrated and progressive software option.

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What Does SmartSuite Cost?

SmartSuite has a three-tier pricing system that makes it accessible to every size of business. The first tier costs $10 per user per month; this is called the Team Plan. Next up, you have the Professional Plan at $25 per user per month, then the Enterprise Plan at $35 per person per month. Each plan scales the platform’s resources a little more, giving you better functionality.

Does SmartSuite Have a Support System?

Yes, although you might find it harder to obtain direct customer service support, SmartSuite has an extensive knowledge base on the website. On the website, you can find an extensive library of articles and videos that show you how to get started with the software and get the most out of it. If you partner with SmartSuite, you won’t be left to your devices; it has established resources.

What Languages are Supported on SmartSuite?

If you operate a global company or have an international workforce, SmartSuite is the perfect solution for you; the software supports 15 languages and has 200+ localized templates to make operating cross-culture a little easier. But integrations aren’t the only way that SmartSuite supports international commerce; it has teams in seven countries worldwide ready for action.

Is SmartSuite Good Project Management Software?

The short answer is yes! SmartSuite is not the only project management software on the market; there are plenty to choose from; that said, Smart suit makes a choice easier for you by providing a simple and intuitive platform that doesn’t hold back when it comes to style. Not only can you centralize and organize your workflow easily, but you can do it with style and support.

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