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Smartsheet is competitively priced and offers features not commonly found on project management platforms. Grow your business with confidence and don’t look back!

If your business is looking for a way to manage its day-to-day and collaborate with team members and vendors, Smartsheet is one of the best project management tools out there; but equally, if you want to create better workflow patterns, integrate new technologies, and scale your business, Smartsheet can facilitate that as well. Find out more in the Smartsheet review.

Nowadays, businesses across the board use project management software to automate tasks and keep team members in the loop at every stage. However, project management software varies in price and potential, making it harder to choose the best platform for your company. Of course, Smartsheet won’t be for everyone, but if it suits your business it’s difficult to ignore.

What is Smartsheet?


Smartsheet is advanced project management software that extends the capabilities of Excel-style spreadsheets and facilitates collaborations at the enterprise level.

Smartsheet contains many of the features you might expect from a PM solution, but it goes a step further allowing businesses to integrate with clients, collaborators, and prospects with mobile apps.

what is smartsheet

Smartsheet allows you to manage projects in your company with a wide range of grids, Gantt charts, and calendars; as with other software of its kind, it also allows you to assign tasks and create automation to support productivity. Where Smartsheet stands out is with its enterprise-level functionalities such as streamlined business apps and other integrations.

How Does Smartsheet Work?

In many ways, Smartsheet works the same as most project management solutions, you sign up for a free trial version on the website and explore the platform, if you’re happy with its range of features you can choose one of the options in the pricing plan. Overall, Smartsheet is intuitive and user-friendly, so even if you lack some experience with spreadsheets; learning is easy.

When you enter the platform you are met with a dashboard that appears simple and clear. From the toolbar on the left, you can select a variety of options to customize the template or assign tasks to teams – Smartsheet provides a large selection of templates that are fully customizable. All the features you need including apps, templates, and solutions are located on the left toolbar.

Unlike Excel and other project management solutions, Smartsheet is very clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Simply hover the cursor over one of the icons on the left to find out what it does and explore your project. If you have any issues, or you want to modify a template or chart, you can simply visit the solutions center to find a knowledge base for relevant categories.

Smartsheet Pricing

When it comes to pricing Smartsheet is extremely competitive, there are three pricing options to choose from including the Pro, Business, and Enterprise level options.

smartsheet pricing

Naturally, each pricing option has features specific to a company’s size and business goals. The Pro version is £5 per month, the Business version is £19 per month, and the Enterprise version can be negotiated.

If you’re unsure which version to choose for your business it’s best to start with the free trial and find out what features work best for you; however, the Basic version still contains a wide selection of features for an excellent price. Benefit from unlimited sheets, ten viewers per object, and 20 GB of storage. The Business and Enterprise plans are better equipped for scaling.

Smartsheet Features

Project management software has many similar features, most of them provide templates and task management solutions that allow you to create better workflow patterns and increase productivity through automation. In this sense, Smartsheet software isn’t any different. This software covers all the basics and delivers the functionality you expect from PM software.

That said, Smartsheet software stands out with some of its features. Not all project management solutions such as advanced collaboration tools, content management systems, secure request administration capabilities, and streamlined business apps that uses the project data to create useful apps that collaborators and vendors can use as the project develops.

Team Collaboration

Nowadays, businesses operate in one of three ways, teams are set up on an office-based network, they work entirely remotely, or they have a hybrid working environment that combines some of the best attributes of both scenarios. In all cases, companies need effective teamwork.

smartsheet team collaboration

Smartsheet is a cloud-based platform with a full range of features to support teamworking and workflow patterns. Benefit from data sharing platforms, chats and comments inside projects and automated task management for better productivity. All cross-platform apps have digital security.

Workflow Automation

Using project management software businesses can build better efficiency models thanks to automation tools. Instead of assigning tasks individually during projects or getting together for meetings, settings can be optimized to send out the correct information and updates anytime.

smartsheet workflow automation

Forget about spending time assigning repetitive tasks and investing it in other parts of the business, with just a few clicks you can set up future alerts, request approvals, and organize meetings at preset times. The visual editor in Smartsheet is professional and user-friendly.

Content Management

Not all project management software solutions offer a content management system, but that’s surprising because content is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital landscape. Smartsheet enables you to create better content and manage it in one place.

Open up a project sheet for content production and invite the relevant team members. I this view you can create content tasks and assign them, allow colleagues and vendors to check the content for revisions, create feedback conversations, and avoid bottlenecks in your workflow.

Process Management

Managing your company processes is the route to better efficiency and productivity, but it’s not possible without suitable project management software. Smartsheet uses a feature called Control Center to manage unstructured data and help you make better data-driven decisions.

smartsheet process management

In the Control Center, you can manage your processes by aligning your teams with a technical dashboard and creating sheets that organize unstructured data into an easy-to-digest format. Additionally, Smartsheet process management allows you to operate your project at scale.

Secure Request Management

When you’re collaborating there are times when you need to share information with clients and other personnel within the business, but that doesn’t mean they are permitted to view every aspect of the project, what you need is a system of secure request management for control.

Smartsheet’s Dynamic View feature allows you to collaborate in a granular way, introducing third-party elements with special permissions. This allows you to collaborate effectively, without risking security while protecting the project’s integrity by sending the right data at the right time.


A modern business needs a tech stack that comprises the most popular apps and integrations. Remote workplaces and hybrid working environments need cross-platform integration for productivity and performance. Smartsheet comes with a wide range of core app integrations.

smartsheet integrations

Whether you prefer Google or Microsoft, Slack or Workplace, Smartsheet has an integration to help you improve your workflows and collaborate on your own terms. Smartsheet gives you plenty of options to build and align your tech stack with your company values and workflow.

Streamlined Business Apps

Today’s business environments require more collaboration than ever before, whether you are communicating with team members, clients, or prospects, you need integrated technology at your fingertips that deliver accurate data at the right times. Again, Smartsheet has an answer.

smartsheet streamlined business apps

Smartsheet is one of the few project management tools on the market to offer streamlined business apps allowing you to create apps from project data that can be used by clients and others working on the project. These apps are fully integrated and scalable for the best results.

Governance and Administration

Whether you want to oversee a project from the management side or create security and permissions protocol when sharing projects cross-platform, the governance and administration feature on Smartsheet allows you to manage everything from one convenient location.

The control console on the dashboard is easy for administrators to access and modify, and no specialist knowledge or training is required. Keep track of licenses, integrations, and security protocol at a glance by entering the Smartsheet admin center and viewing Account Summary.

Smartsheet Pros

User Friendly: Smartsheet is extremely professional clean and easy to use. Although the platform provides some training materials, and other training can be found online, there is little need for it. If you have some MS Excel experience, you should have no issue with Smartsheet.

Extensive Features: Smartsheet is essentially a smarter version of MS Excel with project management tools built in to extend its functionality, but in reality, it’s much more than that. Smartsheet has a range of extensive features that facilitate better collaboration and workflow.

Collaboration: On the topic of collaboration, Smartsheet has Dynamic Views that permit clients and colleagues to access the project with limitations, the platform also has conventional app integrations along with Streamlined Business Apps that create specific project apps.

Smartsheet Cons

Mobile Apps: One of the downsides of Smartsheet is the limitations of the mobile apps, although this is one of the stand-out features of the software, there could be better functionality on the mobile apps. That said, even basic functionality extends the potential of the software.

Free Profile: When you signup for a free version of the software you don’t expect to have full access to the features; but still, you need enough to get a realistic picture of what the software can offer. In the case of Smartsheet, the free version is a little too limited to get an overview.

Cell Links: Again, the limitations placed on Smartsheet are one of the major downsides of the software, in the case of cells you are limited to 20,000 which can become an issue when you operate at scale. However, if you contact the admin team they can increase your cell links.

Final Thoughts

Smartsheet project management software won’t be the best fit for every business, some companies on the smaller side might not benefit from the scaling features and expansive collaboration that Smartsheet provides. On the other hand, they might still benefit from many of the useful features at the lower price point, such as smart templates and automated workflow.

If your business is slightly larger and interested in growth, Smartsheet might be the ideal platform to partner with. Not only is it competitively priced, but it also offers features not commonly found on project management platforms, features that help you grow with confidence so you don’t look back or regret your investment. Visit the website to trial the software today.

Smartsheet FAQs

How good is Smartsheet software?

In short, Smartsheet software is very good for the right companies. Smartsheet might seem like basic project management software on the face of it, but dig a little deeper and you uncover more and more features to help your business grow. In the context of PM software, Smartsheet is the only one capable of scaling from a single project to end-to-end work management.

What are Smartsheet limitations?

While Smartsheet is one of the most expansive project management solutions on the market, you won’t get that impression for the free trial version when you sign up, that’s because Smartsheet places radical limitations on what you can use. Additionally, there are some limitations when it comes to cell links, although these can be modified by the administration.

What’s the difference between Excel and Smartsheet?

To date, one of the best-loved and most frequently used spreadsheets has been Excel which allows you to import and organize project data, but Smartsheet is different. Smartsheet extends the capabilities of a platform like Excel by providing more views, these can be a grid, card, Gantt, or calendar view. Additionally, Smartsheet has apps, integrations, and automation.

Is Smartsheet easy to use?

Smartsheet uses a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can master. If you have some experience with Excel that’s advantageous, but it isn’t necessary. If you want to learn Smartsheet all you have to do is spend some time on the free trial version of the platform following the popup directions. Alternatively, you can learn the platform from online tutorials.

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