Rewind Backups Review

Rewind is backup software with a difference – find out how you can store, secure and access e-commerce data freely in this comprehensive Rewind Review.

SaaS and cloud data are commonplace nowadays, especially for e-commerce businesses. There are many advantages to SaaS solutions, but one downside is data security. How can you ensure the data from your e-commerce shop is safely stored and accessible when you need it?

The answer is Rewind software. Unlike other software solutions for data storage, Rewind allows full access to the stored data if you can provide security codes. Rewind also minimizes access to data for Rewind employees. But data security isn’t the only thing Rewind has to offer.

Backing up your company data is crucial for your company’s reputation and viability in today’s online marketplace, but it also has a practical aspect. For example, if your website crashes for some reason or requires a rebuild, stored data can be accessed through your Rewind account.

What is Rewind?


Nowadays, company and customer data is valuable. But, unfortunately, data can be bought and sold for marketing purposes or stolen and held for ransom.

For these reasons and others, customers expect a high data security standard when interacting with a business online.

Rewind offers data security, but also provides access to saved data when items are lost with updates.

Unlike other security software and data storage solutions, Rewind backs up your data and provides convenient access to it. If you have an issue with an item or page on your online store, you can simply rewind your process and reinstate the page from backup data. That’s not all, Rewind provides a complete store backup in case there is a digital disaster and the store is lost.

Continuity is a vital part of online business operations. Any downtime you have will be reflected in your accounts as annual losses, not to mention the impact this has on your company’s reputation. When you safeguard your company’s cloud-based data with a software solution such as Rewind, you protect your business from losses and keep services running for customers.

How Does Rewind Work?

Rewind is backup software for your online business; it allows you to easily store and access customer and company data. To sign up for Rewind, go to the website and hit the sign-up button. You will be asked to input your company details and the details of the secondary account – such as QuickBooks. Rewind then arranges your first backup in a matter of minutes.

If you’re unsure about Rewind software or how it operates, don’t panic! Rewind has a website with a comprehensive knowledge base where you can find many answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the knowledge base or the FAQs section, you can always contact the Rewind support services. Contact Rewind anytime through using the helpful support email.

Naturally, security is paramount when it comes to storing data; for this reason, Rewind uses a two-factor authentication protocol. Additionally, Rewind employees can only gain access to data through internal VPNs on a low privilege basis. This means that Rewind employees can only see your company data when absolutely necessary. Servers are also encrypted.

Rewind Pricing

Rewind pricing varies depending on which program you want to use and which dataset you want to backup. Pricing is also affected by data quantity; however, this is variable to account for company growth. Rewind supports data storage from major software options like Shopify, BigCommerce, Quickbooks Online, Github, and Trello. There are more apps coming soon.

Rewind Backups Pricing


Plan Details

Shopify and BigCommerce

  1. Basic: $3/month for up to 20 orders/month
  2. Growth: $9/month for up to 200 orders/month
  3. Pro: $39/month for up to 600 orders/month
  4. Business: $59/month for up to 1000 orders/month
  5. Plus: $99/month for up to 2000 orders/month
  6. Enterprise: $299/month for more than 2000 orders/month


  1. First File: $14/file/month
  2. Next 9 Files: $7/file/month
  3. Next 40 Files: $6/file/month
  4. 50+ Files: $5/file/month


$1/board/month (min. $5/month)


  1. $14/month for up to 10 repos/month
  2. $30/month for up to 30 repos/month
  3. $65/month for up to 75 repos/month
  4. $99/month for up to 150 repos/month
  5. $150/month for up to 300 repos/month
  6. Enterprise: $451/month for more than 300 repos/month

Microsoft 365


Backing up your data using Shopify or BigCommerce software will cost you $3 per month, which gives you an allowance of 20 orders per month. If you receive more than 2500 orders per month, the cost for Rewind backup rises to $299 per month. Pricing is variable and can be changed depending on the needs of the business, so it’s easy to scale and keep it secure.

If you are using Quickbooks, you can sign up for the business package, which comes in at $19 per month. The business package gives you one file backup with unlimited version history and real-time syncs. Copying services are pay-as-you-go; they start at $0.20 per item, rising to $99 per month for unlimited copies. Copies of key data like images are sent to a duplicate site.

Who Uses Rewind?

Rewind software is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. In the early stages of starting an online business, there are many challenges, especially with infrastructure. New businesses must make frequent changes and updates to the website, which can lead to lost time and revenue. With Rewind software, you can streamline and safeguard your business.

Rewind backups give you the opportunity to reinstate previous versions of the store so you can continue the development process unhindered. Today, most online businesses use some combination of SaaS products that offer data backup from vendors – but not like Rewind. Rewind gives you ready access to your datasets, so it’s always available for backups.

SaaS vendors can save your company data at the platform level, but you won’t have access to it. For example, you cannot do this with the vendor-saved data if you want to restore an account. Companies that use Rewind include Shopify, GitHub, Trello, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks Online, but many more big brands will be available with Rewind, such as Hubspot.

Rewind Features

Rewind is committed to creating a secure environment for SaaS and cloud data. It uses encrypted cloud-based servers to store e-commerce data and financial data vital to company operations and reputation. It also provides a range of features to run software smoothly.

By the time you have set up your online business and secured your first customers, you should have a system in place for collecting and storing data. Today, customers expect their data to be stored securely and used responsibly; Rewind offers the best infrastructure for your business.

Rewind offers services for the big names in e-commerce apps; they also have many brand name apps waiting to join the platform. Rewind also provides a full range of backup options, including automatic, manual, and real-time sync. The main Rewind features are listed below.

Multiple platforms

Quality security software needs to be available on multiple platforms to cater to a wide range of users. Rewind archives this by integrating with many of the major e-commerce platforms. For example, if you use Shopify, you can gain access now; more brands are waiting to be added.

But Rewind isn’t only compatible with online stores; you can also use it to secure accounting data for your business or customers. In addition, rewind is compatible with QuickBooks Online Software, so you can control your business’s finances securely and gain access at any time.

When you run an ecommerce business, it’s vital that you backup and store customer and company data. If there’s a power failure, a cyber-attack, or a systems failure, your business could lose data relating to customers’ profiles and finances that might be misused.

Automatic and manual backups

Customer and company data is valuable for marketing companies and can be sold for profit. It’s also valuable to cybercriminals who can hold data ransom and force companies to pay large sums of money to protect the reputation and foundations of the business. Backup is crucial.

Rewind offers two options for backing up your company data – automatic and manual. Every day at twelve midnight, your company data will be backed up automatically. This gives you peace of mind and means you don’t have to think about regular manual backups to secure your data.

That said, manual backups can be beneficial. For example, if you’re making changes to your company or your processes, you might wish to manually backup your data to protect it from losses. Then, in the event something goes wrong, you can quickly revert to your backup files.

Easily rewind data

Rewind is the equivalent of Mac’s Time machine for your online store; it allows you to rewind individual items or the entire store, depending on your requirements. Choose from a one-by-one rewind or an entire store rewind, allowing you to make mistakes when building your store.

The one-by-one Rewind is very handy for making small changes after you have built your store. For example, the store might be perfectly set up, but one item needs to be revised. In this case, you can use the software to reinstate the previous version of an item without revising the store.

That said, there are some situations when you need to rewind the entire store. For example, this can happen in the process of building the store when multiple things go wrong; simply revert back to a previous versions at a specific date and time, saving time, frustration and stress.

Save to rewind vault

The Rewind vault is a set of encrypted cloud-based servers. A cloud-based server differs from one in a physical location; cloud-based servers are operated through a network of supporting machines that deliver all the same services and functionality as traditional servers over the net.

Cloud-based servers offer the same processing power, storage, and applications as conventional servers, but they are cheaper and decentralized, making them more secure. Additionally, Rewind servers are encrypted, so only those with permissions can gain access.

The Rewind vault is a comprehensive hub for all of your company data. If you have the correct security permissions, you can access the vault and browse the data at your leisure. Unfortunately, while data can be accessed and reinstated, it isn’t easy to download or export.

Real-time sync

Rewind software has three types of backup – automatic, manual, and real-time sync. Automatic backups are made every day at midnight, you don’t have to do anything for your data to be saved, and you can access it at any time; simply visit the vault and input your security details.

Manual backups can be made on request; These can be carried out at any time of the day or night; they help build e-commerce stores or save items or stores after updates or changes. However, manual updates also require a bit of effort; you have to contact Rewind.

With real-time updates, your company or customer data is saved continuously as you operate your store. Real-time sync uses smart technology to monitor your files for updates and changes. If Rewind detects changes to your store, it will automatically store them in the vault.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity is important to businesses of all kinds, but it’s especially important to small and medium-sized businesses that intend to grow in the near future. Businesses today understand the importance of data storage and security and don’t want to get stalled with limited capacities.

That’s not likely to happen with Rewind software. Rewind is designed to handle large amounts of data from the start and to scale up at any time. When you visit the Rewind website, you can select the data capacity you need, but you can also see the extent of data capacity available.

When you partner with Rewind, you can scale your storage capacity at any time; all you have to do is contact Rewind customer support and request an upgrade. The storage capacity can be increased right away, but it might affect the premium you pay depending on the capacity.

Rewind Pros

Available for major platforms

Rewind software is compatible with major online platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Quickbooks Online accounting software. If you’re operating an e-commerce business, Rewind is one of the best ways to backup customer and company data.

Wide range of pricing options

Every online store is different, which is why Rewind provides pricing options that suit businesses at every stage. Prices start from $3 and offer up to 15 orders a month. After that, the price and order levels increase incrementally up to $299 per month for 2500 orders and above.

Excellent customer support

Whether you need more information on setting up the product or you run into obstacles along the way, you can be confident that the Rewind customer support team has your back. The Rewind team is a dedicated team of developers and customer service agents ready to help.

Regular backups

Not every support software provides backups daily, but Rewind does. Rewind provides users and businesses with automatic daily backups to ensure the safety and continuity of your company day. In addition, manual backups are available on-demand; there’s no need to wait.

Product Flexibility

If you only want to save some of your company data to Rewind, you can. With Rewind, it isn’t necessary to transfer company data wholesale to the Rewind servers; instead, you can select individual items or multiple times for storage. Also, choose how much data you want to store.

Secure data

Naturally, you want the best security for your data, especially if you choose a dedicated data security service like Rewind. Rewind uses encrypted cloud-based servers in a secured Rewind vault. Only those with accounts and permissions can gain access, giving you confidence.

Real-time monitoring

Some businesses and apps require real-time monitoring and backups to protect sensitive customer data. Real-time monitoring isn’t always available with security software, but it has many advantages. Data can be backed up instantly or when changes occur.

Easy access to the vault

What use is a security backup service if you don’t have ready access to the encrypted servers? If you have the appropriate accounts and permissions, you can access the Rewind vault at any time and freely browse all the relevant saved data and backups for your business.

Rewind Cons

Platforms are limited

The Rewind security software is available for some major online platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce; while this bodes well for the future, the apps are limited at present, meaning that customers are somewhat limited in what the service can offer, but more apps will be added.

Limits on features

When you sign up for a paid account with a security software platform, you expect to receive a full range of features; unfortunately, this is not the case with Rewind. Instead, you will receive basic security features on the lower end of the pay scale with some limitations on your service.

Some apps are more supported

Another downside of Rewind is the level of app integration. The most developed app on Rewind is Shopify; you would expect their other apps to be equally developed, but that is not the case. The features on BigCommerce are somewhat limited in comparison, though it’s likely to change.


How long does the first backup take to complete?

The first backup is the longest to complete. Expect this initial backup to take a least an hour before your company data is secured. However, it’s worth remembering that backups might take longer depending on how large your company is and how many accounts you have.

Once we have completed your initial backup, we have the foundations of your data stored securely; this makes subsequent backup much faster. In addition, subsequent backups only need to save additional data, so you can expect these to be completed in a matter of minutes. 

Are backups carried out in the cloud, in local machines, or a combination?

These days there are two ways you can store your backup data, on the cloud – which means on dedicated servers – or on local machines. The trouble with storing data locally is that it uses a lot of local space and can’t be accessed by everyone on your network.

When you store your data with Rewind, you will store it on the cloud. Rewind uses secure encrypted servers that allow anyone in your network to access the data at any location. However, to access stored data, users must pass strict security protocols.

Can I retain access to backups after deleting my accounts?

Sometimes it’s necessary to close down your accounts and start something new elsewhere, so what happens to the account data backed up with Rewind? Data is saved if you delete Rewind accounts, such as Shopify, Quickbooks Online, BigCommerce, and others.

As long as you maintain your Rewind account, you can continue to sign into it as normal and view the backup data stored from previous accounts. The accounts don’t have to be active; Rewind retains all data from your accounts for as long as you keep your Rewind membership.

Can my backups be downloaded?

At present, Rewind stores users’ data on encrypted servers. This is a cloud-based service meaning that data can’t be easily downloaded and exported. Although exports and downloads do not form part of the regular Rewind service, there is a way to export a JSON file.

If you require a JSON file of your data exported from cloud-based servers, you can request it by contacting the Rewind support team. The support team will work with you to find a solution to the data export issue, be aware that JSON exports might require a fee for your data.

Final Thoughts

If you operate an online business and you need to back up your company and customer data, Rewind is an excellent choice. Rewind provides the infrastructure you need for data security and access to previous versions of your website at any time. Whether it’s disaster recovery or updates and rebuilds, Rewind gives you fast access to files and offers a low-cost solution.

Remind software is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. That’s because it has an excellent entry-level price and a fully scalable pricing format. As your orders increase, you can increase your pricing plan to match the data requirements of your business. Regardless of your pay price, you will get full access to the Rewind knowledge base and support services.

Currently, Rewind works with major e-commerce applications such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Quickbooks. So rewind covers most of what you need as a fledgling online business. And there’s more good news; Rewind has a wide range of applications waiting to be installed, such as Hubspot, Zendesk, and Bitbucket. So why not secure your future with Rewind software?

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