Papaya Global Review

Papaya Global is a simple global payroll solution for any business, transform HR, payroll, and more, with this helpful SaaS solution that brings down your bottom line.

How much time and money does your business devote to payroll services? If you’re like most traditional businesses, the answer is probably quite a lot; that’s because payroll forms a core aspect of most successful business models. The trouble is that payroll services can become expensive, especially if your hire personnel and your business operates across borders.

The majority of businesses nowadays are turning to software solutions for everything from IT networks to payroll services. Papaya Global is one such software solution. Papaya Global is known as a SaaS solution meaning it can be easily accessed through the website. This article will dive into what Papaya Global is and how it can improve your efficiency and your bottom line.

What is Papaya Global?

papaya global

Papaya Global is an international company that specializes in software solutions for payroll.

Traditionally, payroll is organized by the HR department, but employee-led HR departments are being phased-out in favor of efficient software solutions. Papaya Global is one such solution.

Not only does Papaya Global provide an excellent suite of services for HR solutions, but it also integrates with global regions and communities. There’s no longer any need to become entangled in the legal side of hiring people; allow Papaya Global to take care of the paperwork.

How Does Papaya Global Work?

Papaya Global is an example of SaaS software solutions. SaaS stands for software as a service and describes the next generation of software services. Businesses no longer have to buy expensive hardware to install on their network; they can simply signup for SaaS on the website.

Papaya Global operates this business model, so whether you operate a business domestically or you have one with overseas employees, organizing your payroll and HR services has never been so straightforward. To get started, go to the website and create a Papaya Global account.

Papaya Global Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Papaya Global has three tires of service; there is the basic payroll service, the global EOR service, the contractor management and IC compliance service, and the payroll intelligence suite. Each level has a different price point and different suite of services.

papaya global pricings

If you only need the software to manage your employee payroll, then you need the basic payroll service, which costs $20-$100 per employee per month. The next level costs between $700-$1000 per month and connects with regional services. See the website for more details.

Who Uses Papaya Global?

Papaya Global is used by clients in every industry. If you’re interested in some public proof, then visit the website and navigate to the case studies category. Here you can find endorsements from global companies such as CyberArk, Bright Machines, and Teach For All, an eclectic mix.

who uses papaya global

The truth is that any business looking to streamline their payroll processes and reduce their costs use Papaya Global. Although businesses of any kind can benefit from the software, it is particularly useful for businesses with overseas employees since they can bypass legal issues.

Papaya Global Features

Papaya Global is packed with useful features, which is what you might expect from one of the leading global payroll providers. Not only does the platform offer plenty of features to integrate into your business model, but it is also user-friendly and has excellent service support. So whether you are new to software or just new to Papaya Global, it’s simple to get started.

Activity Dashboard

Activity dashboards are used to show all the movements and changes occurring on the platform. If there are changes made to payroll or employee tracking, it will show on the dashboard, allowing other members of the take to update records or take actions.

The Papaya Global dashboard can be accessed by multiple users at once as long as they are members or hold an account with your company. Since Papaya Global works with agencies and local third-party operators, security is important and is built into the activity dashboard.

Applicant Tracking

No matter the size of your business or organization, you could benefit from Applicant Tracking software or ATS. This special software works much like a customer relationship management tool, except it is focused in-house and used to hire and review applications for employees.

The hiring process can be time-consuming and expensive without an efficient handling platform like Papaya Global’s ATS. This software allows you to input a range of criteria needed for a position and uses analytics to narrow down the options. All of this is performed automatically.

Benefits Management

In many ways, operating a business successfully requires adherence to efficiency; that is why so many businesses today use software and analytics to create better business outcomes. Papaya Global adds another string to the efficiency bow with benefits management software.

Benefits management software allows you to decide on the benefits of a particular process and cement these as short or long-term goals. Data can be put into the system, and the software will run a series of analytics services to determine the best outcomes to target for business success.

Compensation Management

When you are handling employees for your business, you need to think about their compensation. Compensation can refer to a salary or payment for their work, but it can also mean rewards and benefits such as shares, investment opportunities, and retirement funds.

If it gives you a headache to think about, you might want to hire an HR department, but again, an HR department means more employees and more salaries. Papaya Global provides a third solution in the form of compensation management software that keeps your records on track.

Compliance Management

When you operate a business, you need to wear different hats and spin many plates. Not only do you have to create sufficient working conditions and processes for handling employees, but you also need to ensure that your business is operating within the framework of legal practices.

papaya global compliance and accuracy

This is even more important when you’re operating a global business and have employees in different parts of the world; naturally, employees working in different regions are working under a different legal framework. Papaya Global optimizes this with compliance Management.

Customizable reports

Every company is unique; even companies that operate in the same industry and markets will have nuanced methods and processes. That said, businesses still require reports to update management and keep the business informed. That’s where customizable reports come in.

A report can show things like browser behavior, city locations, page views, bounce rates, or anything relating to employee performance. The customizable reports offered by Papaya Global provide plenty of options for customizing reports and optimizing them for your business needs.

Employee Onboarding

Since Papaya Global is an employee-handling software solution, it would be somewhat lacking if it didn’t have a suitable onboarding process. Thankfully, this hasn’t been overlooked, and Papaya Global provides an excellent and efficient way to introduce new workers to businesses.

Papaya Global offers a fast and efficient way to onboard new workers no matter where they are in the world. The system arranges all the necessary documentation for global workers so you don’t have to, allowing you more time to organize the important things, like team introductions.

HR Management

No business is complete without a suitable HR department. The HR department is concerned with the hiring and firing of employees as well as their compensation and benefits. Furthermore, the HR department is responsible for ensuring a business stays within the framework of the law.

With Papaya Global software, much of the heavy lifting for the HR department is carried out automatically. All of the employees in the system can be effectively tracked and processed using automatic analytics technology, reports can be generated, and local criteria can be organized.

Leave Tracking

Employees are entitled to annual leave, which can be built up and processed against their time on shift, but your business also has to compensate for losses due to sick days. This is mainly the job of the HR department, but you can build more efficiency into the business with Papaya.

Papaya Global allows you to track and manage your employee’s leave and sick days, giving you a clear picture of our workforce and your costs for the coming quarter or year. Reduce the personnel used to manage these processes and improve your bottom line with Papaya Global.

Reporting Analytics

Reporting analytics is the combination of two processes, the process of reporting and the process of analyzing. Reporting refers to the process of bringing data together and viewing it all in one place; the analytics process refers to the process of analyzing all the gathered data.

Reporting analytics is a core feature of Papaya Global. Not only can the software gather employee data efficiently and display it on reports, but it can also use analytics to process the data and provide overviews and projections. This provides valuable insights for any business.


How are global services provided?

Papaya Global operates in every continent of the world, providing businesses of all sizes with the payroll solution they need to streamline their businesses and stay within the boundaries of local laws and policies. So how does it manage to facilitate such a significant operation? For one thing, it’s a 27/7 operation with excellent contact facilities to keep company services online.

Why don’t you provide direct services?

Papaya Global offers an automated service that can be tracked for compliance, but it also provides technology and services from local companies to ensure that companies get the best SLA and automation processes. It would be possible for Papaya Global to offer its services independently, but it’s more effective to partner with the best service providers in local areas.

How can Papaya provide such competitive pricing?

Papaya Global believes that excellent services should also be affordable; this was written into the original mission statement. It’s therefore not surprising that the company provides competitive prices that don’t impact service quality. To achieve this, Papaya Global offers a scalable solution that’s fully automated to drive down prices and delivery excellent services.

How much does the software cost?

Papaya Global uses software to bring the highest level of services to companies, but it also manages to keep the costs down so that businesses don’t pay over the odds for services and technology from Papaya Global. To achieve this, Papaya Global bundles the cost of the software together with the cost of the services to provide a complete solution that’s also affordable.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Papaya Global software can add value to your business, especially if you operate cross-border and you have many payroll requirements. Although it seems like a big investment at first, you have to weigh up the costs and benefits of personnel versus automation. Naturally, there are pros and cons to both, but Papaya Global is the best choice for automation.

The core feature of Papaya Global is the automated HR department, but when you invest in this software, you also obtain a suite of additional features. Papaya Global has an excellent analytical framework to make your business more efficient, not only that it has third-party contacts in regional locations that can help with localization and regional payroll services.

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