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Housecall Pro is a leading FMS software system that can streamline your service business, making it more productive and freeing up time, allowing you to scale.

How streamlined and efficient is your service business? Do you spend a lot of time manually assigning tasks when you could be using the time to scale the business, and do you wish you could send real-time data to workers on-site to improve quotes or make quick changes?

If you don’t have these capabilities in your service business, then you need FMS software. FMS stands for Field management Solutions, and it’s the future of service-based businesses. One of the leading forms of FMS software is Housecall Pro – read more about this software below.

Housecall Pro is one of the leading FMS brands for good reasons; first of all, it’s is very affordable and has three reasonable price points that allow you to scale your business. Additionally, it provides a wealth of features that can boost your business right away.

What is Housecall Pro?

housecall pro

Housecall Pro was born in 2013 to help local service businesses to streamline their infrastructure and become more productive using SaaS systems.

Often SaaS focuses on larger businesses and companies that operate at a corporate level, forgetting about local services.

Housecall Pro can help trade businesses improve their financial systems and streamline their distribution network; it also has tools that allow companies to improve their quotes systems and on-site customer services. Housecall Pro is an indispensable partner for home call businesses.

How Does Housecall Pro Work?

Housecall Pro is an FSM system that stands for Field Service Management. These tools allow you to improve your estimates on site and streamline your distribution with real-time updates. Housecall Pro is a SaaS system, so you can sign up on the website and start using it today.

After you have signed up for a payment plan with Housecall Pro, you can start using the service right away to enhance your business. Housecall Pro allows you to create better invoices and accounts and enhances the on-site services you can offer to customers all from one platform.

Housecall Pro Pricing

When it comes to pricing Housecall, Pro is very competitive. There are two options to choose from; you can have a basic option that costs $49 per month or an advanced option that costs $129 per month. But there is also an Unlimited Plan; details of this are available on request.

housecall pro pricing

The Basic Plan is what most people start with; this plan is designed for SML businesses and is the perfect way to test the system to see if it works for you. When you are satisfied, you might want to level up to the Essentials Plan that offers users more options and scaling potential.

Who Uses Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a very niche software system that suits SML businesses and trade businesses, there are over 20,000 businesses currently using Housecall Pro, and this number is rising steadily. Companies that use the software include plumbers, electricians, and HVAC engineers.

If you are a trade business of a business that works with customers on-site, you can benefit from Housecall Pro. At present, you might be organizing your invoices and payments using free open source software, but for a moderate fee, you can centralize everything and boost services.

Housecall Pro Features

Housecall Pro is choc-a-bloc with features that will help your service business to stay efficient and to thrive. Whether you need to streamline your processes, scale the business, manage existing infrastructure, or improve customer experience, Housecall Pro has a service for you.


Streamlining is the process of optimizing your business to make it more productive and improve the bottom line. Naturally, you want to do this without affecting the level of customer experience and the quality of your services. Housecall Pro SaaS software has you covered on every front.


housecall pro scheduling

Do you operate your business using free opensource software? That’s fine as long as you are okay with hopping around platforms and keeping track of everything from different apps and devices. Alternatively, you can use Housecall Pro to automate recurring jobs with a few clicks.


housecall pro dispatches

If you run a delivery or dispatch operation Housecall, Pro has the basic infrastructure you need to stay connected with colleagues on the road and make sure they have the correct coordinates. There is no more wasted time during dispatches with this easy-to-use system and software.


housecall pro estimates

When it comes to estimates out in the field, there are obstacles to overcome, you want to provide the best estimate for customers and the most profitable one for your business, but you can rely on a time-pressured sale, not unless you have software to arrange an on-site estimate.


housecall pro invoicing

Invoicing can be a headache in the best case, and in the worst case, it can cost your company revenue in the form of lost income. That’s why you need an invoicing system that’s fast and professional. Housecall Pro lets you send invoices with the company logo along with follow-ups.

Quickbooks Integration

housecall pro quickbooks integration

Every company needs to keep the tax person happy, and Quickbooks is the best way to do that these days. Quickbooks is an all-in-one accounting solution for businesses of all sizes, and you can access an integrated version for your company using the Housecall Pro SaaS software.


Service Plans

housecall pro recurring plans

Service plans are the gold standard of home service businesses; they allow you to create contracts that last for weeks, months, or years. Not only do service plans build consistency into your business model, but they also allow you to build loyalty with a customer base and scale.

Price Book

housecall pro price book

A price book is a way to simplify and streamline your procurement process, but if you still have your price book stored in an open-source filing system, you could be missing out. Housecall Pro has an integrated price book that lets you import your numbers and price match items easily.


housecall pro online booking

If you want your home service business to flourish nowadays, you need to make the booking service as frictionless as you can. Today, customers expect to be able to book your services from multiple devices and any location – this is now possible to achieve with Housecall Pro.

Local Services

When you are operating a local service business, you need to utilize all of the search engine localization tools at your disposal, which means appearing at the top of Google Business listings, and making the booking, scheduling, and contacting as straightforward as you can.


housecall pro advanced reporting

If you want to scale your business, you need to know the numbers. Having accurate numbers for every job, as well as the important numbers needed for revenue, profits, and job counts, give you the data needed to make smart choices right now. Housecall Pro makes this happen!

Proposal Tools

housecall pro sales proposal tool

Retaining customers and building loyalty are vital for a service business, but you also need to drum up new paying customers as well. Housecall Pro makes this easier with its proposal tools. These tools provide a better buying experience for customers and help to close sales faster.



housecall pro payments

Service businesses deal with customers in different situations and at different times of the day and at different times of their lives. That’s why it’s a good idea to create a payments systems that offer the most practical ways to pay. Housecall Pro integrates all the latest payment options.


When you are working in the field, it’s normal to take a payment from a customer that takes three to five days to arrive in the company account. But that’s all changed thanks to Instapay. Instapay lets you take payments from credit cards within 30 minutes, improving your cash flow.

Card Reader

The world has changed significantly in recent years, and customers now expect to have a range of payment options. Not only that, customers expect to pay for their services without touching a keypad or device. Housecall Pro allows them to pay any way they like with a helpful card reader.

Consumer finance

Consumer finance is an excellent way to give your customers more options about how to pay for larger jobs; not only that, providing a financing option allows you to sell larger jobs by offering them at a lower monthly cost. Not every service business can do this, so why not benefit yours?


Customer Management

If you ask most service businesses, they will tell you that customer service is at the heart of everything they do. There are several reasons for this, but one of them is brand recognition and reputation. With this SaaS solution, you can schedule booking and assign jobs in a few clicks.

Review Management

Reputation is a high priority for service businesses; a strong reputation can mean secure revenue for years, while some poor word of mouth affects your daily workload significantly. SaaS solutions make it easy for your customers to provide testimonials that can be shared.

Automated Marketing

Even service businesses need marketing; word of mouth can only do so much. If you want to scale your business in the local area, then you need to send offers and referral requests to customer inboxes; you also need to set up regular campaigns. Housecall Pro can help!

Website Builder

Your website is the beating heart of your business; you need to make sure that your website is optimized for users, easy to navigate, and adds value where appropriate. All of this can be achieved using Housecall Pro, which included a professional website builder with everything.

Housecall Pro Pros

  • Schedule: Housecall Pro has excellent scheduling capabilities that allow you to automate recurring jobs and streamline the business. It also reduces the manager’s workload.
  • Organize Jobs: The various features of Housecall Pro allows businesses to categorize and assign jobs efficiently, so there is less downtime and better productivity.
  • User-friendly: If you think the FMS software will be difficult to understand and use at first, think again. Housecall Pro is designed to be intuitive, so you can integrate it easily.
  • Customer Communication: If you run into any issues using Housecall Pro, then simply contact the friendly customer service team by email or chat to sort out any technical issues.

Housecall Pro Cons

  • Integration: Although Housecall Pro is highly user-friendly with plenty of support services, some businesses might find it difficult to integrate depending on the company setup.
  • Reporting: Some users have criticized the reporting and custom form on this product.


What is HouseCall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a field management system that’s specially designed for home service businesses. Companies that use this software include plumbers, electrical engineers, HVAC engineers, and many more. It offers scheduling, mapping, and tracking capabilities.

How much does HouseCall Pro cost?

There are different price points for Housecall Pro software. The basic version of the product costs $49 per month, and the Essential package costs $129 per month. There is also an Unlimited package that you can find out about by contacting the customer service team.

Who uses HouseCall Pro?

At present, Housecall Pro is used by over 20,000 businesses and rising. Housecall Pro is field management software that is useful for any customer-facing business but is especially good for companies in the trade industries. It suits businesses of any size and has scaling capabilities.

Final Thoughts

If you are using conventional open source software for your home service business, you might be missing out; while these platforms are functional, they are not integrated, they also fail to offer some of the services you need to streamline your business and make it more efficient.

If you operate a service business using an older business model, you might have to schedule automated tasks manually or rely on service workers to make personal judgments of quotes without the benefits of localized data. Housecall Pro solves these issues in a single platform.

If you choose to invest in Housecall Pro software, you get an entire systems infrastructure in one place. Not only can Housecall Pro integrate easily with your business and start adding value to it right away, but it’s also very affordable, making it even more attractive to businesses.

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