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GanttPRO is a competitive and feature-rich project management software solution that improves workflow and productivity overnight. If you’re unconvinced trial the free version today.

Are you a small business looking to increase your productivity and improve your workflow patterns? You’ve come to the right place. GanttPRO is a popular project management solution for small to medium-sized businesses; it gives you all the tools you need to be more successful.

Gantt charts have been ‘used for decades in businesses to organize and plan projects efficiently; in the past, these charts would have been on large boards in meeting rooms, but nowadays, they are located on convenient software platforms such as GanttPRO software.

In this review article, you can find more information about the GanttPRO software platform and how it can benefit your business. If you like the idea of well-organized, visually appealing Gantt Charts for your projects and a competitive monthly price, you’re in the right place; let’s dive in!

What is GanttPRO?


GanttPRO is a professional cloud-based project management solution for small to medium-sized businesses; the software uses the tried and tested Gantt chart format to help businesses organize their projects, stay on schedule, and improve their budget management.

GanttPRO is a project management software solution designed for smaller businesses or individual users; this is reflected in the pricing and the features. Still, the software offers plenty of value for money; it is also very user-friendly and easy to understand and use in a short time.

what is ganttpro

How Does GanttPRO Work?

GanttPRO works the same as most project management software; like other SaaS solutions, you visit the website and signup online for a free trial version or a paid version depending on your current requirements. There is nothing to download or install; you can use it right away.

how does ganttpro work

There are two main ways you can use GanttPRO software, create new charts and populate them with project data, or import existing data from third-party platforms such as MS Word, MS Excel, and other compatible platforms – you can then use the wide range of dashboard features.

GanttPRO Pricing

When it comes to pricing, GanttPRO is highly competitive; this software is aimed specifically at small to medium-sized businesses, which is reflected in the pricing. Visit the pricing section of the website for more information; you will find four main pricing options from basic to Enterprise.

ganttpro pricings

The Basic version of the software is $7.99 and gives you access to the Gantt and Board View, auto-scheduling, virtual resources, and a project calendar. The next level up is the PRO version which costs $12.99 with additional features. The Business version is $19.99, and the Enterprise level is negotiable.

GanttPRO Features

When you invest in project management software, the main thing you invest in is the features, so what features are available with this competitive market product? Firstly, you won’t have any trouble getting a clear overview of your project with the handy Gantt charts, nor will you have any issues assigning tasks to teams or creating environments for collaboration and much more.

Plan View Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could open your browser in the morning and see all of your tasks and their dependencies in one bold and colorful Gantt chart? Wouldn’t it be further advantageous to quickly shift things around with the cursor using a drag and drop system?

ganttpro plan views

This is the kind of functionality that GanttPRO offers in its Plan View feature. In Plan View, you get a clear overview of projects and discrepancies; it also allows you to keep up with progress and make timely changes to projects. In Plan View, you can choose between a chart or a grid.

Task Management

What use is a project management platform if it doesn’t save you time and resources? That’s exactly what’s on offer using the Task Management feature of GanttPRO because it allows you to assign tasks in bulk. Not only that, it provides advanced customization for the project templates.

ganttpro task management

Whether you want to assign new tasks to a team or modify ones within a project, it’s easier to create one assignment instead of many. The Bulk Change feature of GanttPRO helps save time on required tasks by applying filters to assignees, while custom columns offer better tracking.


Project management is as much about working collaboratively as a team as it is about allocating resources efficiently. GanttPRO facilitates collaboration in two ways; one of them is Real-Time Data synchronization, while the other is Attachments. Both help to accelerate company projects.

Let’s say you want to include animation or infographic in a task to inform your team of a better outcome or alternative direction. Simply add a task to the project, and a notification is sent to relevant team members who can check in for the update. Also, attach files to improve workload.

Import & Export

Cross-platform integration isn’t always available on project management software; in most cases, you have to begin your project within the software to use the full palette of features, but GanttPRO is different. GanttPRO allows you to import your project from other software platforms.

If you have an advanced project in the Microsoft suite, for instance, you can import it into GanttPRO in a few clicks, then you can see your project data in a convenient and customizable Gantt chart and modify it further using the GanttPRO features. No additional training is needed.

Team & Resource Management

Project management tools are useful for assigning tasks and updating team members without lengthy meetings, but it is also excellent for tracking historical tasks, on-boarding new team members, managing virtual tasks, and organizing workloads. GanttPRO provides these features.

ganttpro team and resource managament

Whether a project is complete or in progress, you can track historical changes and return to them anytime to get a clearer picture of your status. When you onboard new team members, you can set their roles, values, and breaks; you can also add calendars and reschedule your tasks.

Time Management

When it comes to reaching company goals, time management is all-important; without proper time tracking, you risk missing deadlines and everything that follows. What your company needed is time management project software that keeps things heading in the right direction.

After you assign a task to a team member or a team, you can set the timer to see how long it takes to complete; alternatively, you can set it to give your team a time target to achieve; this timer can be set at any point during the project. GanttPRO also allows you to log time reports.


The last thing you want for your business is wasted time; therefore, it’s unfortunate if you have to create the same project template time and again. Not only is this inefficient, but it’s hard to achieve the same results you did in previous versions if you don’t have the old template to hand.

GanttPRO makes this easy by providing custom templates that can be saved and used again in the future. GanttPRO templates are professional industry standard templates with all the features you need to create projects and schedule tasks, helping to streamline your workflow process.

Budget Tracking

Smart budget software is the best way to safeguard your project’s costs and meet your goals. Too often, projects go over budget because of overtime and changes to necessary costs while the project is in progress. Luckily, there is a solution to this, GanttPRO Budget Tracking software.

GanttPRO budget tracking software allows you to calculate the total project costs at the start; it then helps you stay on track and notifies you of changes. With GanttPRO software, you stay in control of every stage of the project and optimize it as necessary while keeping clients informed.

Custom Settings

Whether you want a custom branded logo for your client pitches, or you want to customize your project columns to more accurately reflect the nature of the project, you can do this with GanttPRO project management software. The program gives you complete flexibility overall.

Branded logos are ideal if you want to present your professional image to clients and co-workers; GanttPRO gives you the power to import or create a custom branded logo that reflects the company image; also, specific aspects of planning can be aligned with customization.

GanttPRO Pros

Pricing: When it comes to pricing, GanttPRO is very competitive. They have four pricing plans to choose from, the basic plan comes in at only $7.99, and the Enterprise Plan can be negotiated with the brand. When you consider the features you get, it’s value for money.

User Friendly: Some project management software products contain a knowledge base or require you to learn its usability from online videos; that’s not the case with GanttPRO; the software is simple and user-friendly, so you won’t waste any time online learning the ropes.

Customization: One stand-out feature of GanttPRO is the customization options that allow you to change the format of your charts to suit personal preferences or to make the project more efficient. Customization also includes logos and company branding to make you professional.

GanttPRO Cons

Reporting: Although many aspects of GanttPRO software is customizable, that doesn’t apply to the reporting tools or the dashboard. While you still have ready access to reporting tools that import data from various places into your charts, these charts are not as flexible as you like.

Billing: A handy feature of many project management platforms is the billing and invoicing arrangements that are built-in as standard; that is not the case with GanttPRO. In order to bill and invoice your clients, you will have to use independent third-party software to help you out.

Integrations: Nowadays, integrations are important for cross-platform capabilities, efficiency, and productivity, but unfortunately, GanttPRO software includes few integration capabilities. That said, the software does integrate with some of the primary business apps like Slack.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your projects and forward planning has never been easier with SaaS project management solutions. When it comes to project management software, there are many products to consider, and choosing the right one can make a difference to your productivity.

Although GanttPRO won’t be the best solution for every business, it’s definitely suitable for smaller-sized businesses that want to organize projects efficiently without a high monthly cost. The software is user-friendly, and you can start using it right away; it also imports your projects.

After you view the range of features offered by the GanttPRO platform and compare the market, it’s hard to dismiss this software for your business. If you’re still unconvinced, the best approach is to try the free version; although it’s limited, it gives you an idea about GanttPRO’s suitability.


What plan should I choose?

When it comes to GanttPRO plans, you have four to choose from, ranging from the basic plan to the Enterprise plan. If you visit the Pricing page on the website, you can see a full breakdown of the features you get with each plan; naturally, there are more features for higher-priced plans, so it’s simply a case of prioritizing the features and deciding which are best for your business.

What are the best features of GanttPRO?

Some software solutions are stronger than others in certain areas; this is certainly true of ganttPRO, which stands out for its Task Management, Scheduling, Project Planning, and Progress Tracking. GanttPRO is deliberately straightforward to use, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble understanding and using the features from the start, boosting your workflow.

How can I make a GanttPRO chart?

As mentioned, GanttPRO is user-friendly and easy to understand; all you have to do is follow the instructions in the pop-up dialogue boxes that keep you on track. That said, if you do run into any issues, you can contact the team through the chat facility on the website or find some excellent guides online that teach you the basics with some simple step-by-step tutorial guides.

What integrations does GanttPRO have?

Nowadays, integrations are very important; with so many businesses using a variety of popular apps for cross-platform collaboration, it’s no longer enough to rely on the software investment simply; it needs to be compatible with apps. As you might expect, GanttPRO has suitable integrations such as Slack, MS Word, MS Excel, Jira, MS Teams, and many more.

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