Crewdle Review: Secure & Serverless Video Conferencing Solution

Our lives have shifted significantly since the global pandemic. Nobody expected to drop their daily commute to the office in favor of a home workstation in such a short time or carry out their social activities on video conferencing platforms more often than not. But things happen.

It’s been suggested that although the pandemic was a shock to the system, the trend was towards more digital workstations and video conferencing platforms anyway; the global crisis simply accelerated the process. It’s no wonder when you consider the advantages of digital.

Crewdle is a software company that recognized the need for better digital technologies during the pandemic. Not only that, they have developed a platform for the future by taking account of the environmental challenges we face in the coming decade – are you ready for the shift?

What is Crewdle?


How would you like a video conferencing platform that saves money and makes your business more “green” in the process?

That’s exactly what Crewdle can offer, but it isn’t the only reason to use this innovative provider for the future of your business. Crewdle is truly expansive.

Crewdle was developed in the midst of the global pandemic out of necessity, but it isn’t interested in competing in a red ocean with other software giants. Instead, it looks to innovation to set it apart and deliver a global communication system without the need for servers.

Think of the advantages of operating your business without any servers. Firstly, there is no need for expensive plans and storage facilities that collect and store data. These servers also pose a security risk and can be mined for advertising. Servers are also harmful to the environment.

The next decade will see a massive push towards green business practices, which is why Crewdle has developed the greenest way to communicate globally. Using the internet is not as green as you might think, but it can be with a server-less communication system like Crewdle.

How Does Crewdle Work?

Firstly, Crewdle doesn’t use any physical servers like most communication software platforms. Instead, it uses browser-based streaming that leverages the capabilities of individual machines to create networks that don’t rely on expensive physical servers with an environmental impact.

Crewdle links computers together through browsers and uses streaming technology to provide excellent video conferencing services. Data and information are then stored locally instead of on unencrypted servers, making interactions online more secure and preventing data mining.

Crewdle can be accessed from any location and uses multiple login features to ensure security protocol is tight. Whether it’s for business or entertainment, you can log in from a machine of your choice and interact with friends or colleagues across the globe; you can share videos and chat.

Finally, Crewdle offers excellent integration for both business and entertainment purposes. The Crewdle platform is fully flexible, allowing you to link up with Slack, Google Calendars, and more. Additionally, you can share and stream content from major platforms like Facebook Live.

Crewdle Pricing

Crewdle is aimed at individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. This is reflected in the pricing options offered by the platform. It’s worth noting that Crewdle can offer better prices to customers because it doesn’t operate expensive eco-damaging physical servers.

crewdle pricings

The most popular pricing option to start with is the Basic Subscription option which gives you access to a limited range of Crewdle services for free. Although the services are free, that doesn’t mean they are ineffective.

Crewdle’s free services are enough to give you a working knowledge of the platform as well as a wide range of functionality. Here is what’s offered:

  • Conduct 45-minute meetings
  • Host up to 30 participants
  • Create a personal ID room
  • Collaborate and screen share
  • Stream content on Watch Party
  • Secure parameters with remote control
  • Stream live content

The next pricing subscription level is the Standard Subscription which gives you all the features of the Basic model. What sets it apart is its unlimited meeting duration capabilities allowing you to switch your attention off and run meetings for longer; it also allows you to access recording services and share highlights – this is useful for meeting updates and flexible working conditions.

Who Uses Crewdle?

Crewdle has a growing community of users and advocates that value progressive innovations and emerging technologies. Crewdle strikes a balance between maintaining productivity levels and reducing costs along with the environmental impact of commerce. A perfect solution.

That’s why Crewdle is perfect for individuals as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Larger businesses can also benefit from the Crewdle interface, though they might require more intensive data storage or meeting capacities, but it’s ideal for any conscious business.

If you are interested in optimizing your business for the eco-age, then put Crewdle on your list of software solutions. Crewdle is perfect for businesses and individuals looking to reduce their carbon output and deliver services that are in line with the expectations of modern customers.

Another excellent advantage of using Crewdle instead of server-based interfaces is the cost reduction. Instead of paying higher premiums for server-based video conferencing, you can pay less with Crewdle and still receive reliable service. Savings can then be re-invested.

Crewdle Features

It’s important that Crewdle avoids the use of servers that contribute carbon to the atmosphere, use up precious water resources, and burn energy that can be utilized elsewhere. But it’s equally important that the software maintains productivity standards with excellent core features.

Server-less Platform

One of the leading features of Crewdle technology is the server-less platform that eliminates the need for conventional servers. With Crewdle, virtual communication has moved into a new era with services that are cheaper, faster, more secure, and better for the environment.

Peer-to-peer technology differs from the traditional platforms that use independent servers to relay information between computers on a network. Servers take up a lot of floor space; they are also expensive to operate and emit a lot of CO2. The alternative is a P2P solution.

Crewdle doesn’t use servers! That means you can save 1Kg of Co2 per hour and 12 liters of water simply by switching your video conferencing to A P2P service such as Crewdle. There are many more advantages to ditching the servers and opting for a lighter, more secure service.

Multiple Login Options

Conventional software uses passwords and licenses keys for logging in. While this has some advantages, such as security and copy protection, it also comes with downsides. The downsides are convenience and integration; it takes longer to grant access to colleagues.

Crewdle eliminates these issues with multiple login options. There’s no need for access codes or license keys, and you can gain access to your company’s video conferencing, regardless of which platform you prefer. Crewdle allows access through Facebook, Gmail, and Apple.

If you’re concerned about security, remember that third-party operators like Facebook, Gmail, and Apple also treat it as a high priority. These platforms use two-step identification and bio-metric identification as standard, meaning you can access Crewdle simply and securely.

Record and Share Recordings

It can be useful to record and share video conferencing and meetings. Instead of relaying information through digital channels post-event, you can simply share a video of the event or one that’s edited for highlights. Unlike other platforms, Crewdle lets you do this easily.

Any video recording that you carry out is automatically saved to the Crewdle cloud for backup, and in case you wish to access it at a later date. The Crewdle cloud is easy to access; all you have to do is install the app and follow the on-screen instructions to find previous recordings.

The Crewdle companion app is needed if you want to broadcast live or save recordings to share them later. It can be downloaded from the website or any online app store. All you have to do is install it on your phone or browser and sign in. The platform is user-friendly once onboarded.

Crewdle Companionship app

Nowadays, apps are the most convenient way to use cloud-based platforms. That said, not every app provider is as eco-friendly as Crewdle. Crewdle doesn’t use any servers to provide connectivity through the companion app, thereby saving costs and reducing carbon output.

The Crewdle Companionship app is simple to download and use. As with any app these days, it can be downloaded and installed on smartphones or browsers. Once you have signed in and opened your account, the app allows you to connect with colleagues cross-platform.

Of course, you can benefit from the Crewdle app on the Crewdle platform, but Crewdle also provides full integration with related workstations such as Slack. This means you can start calls with team members on other platforms while using Crewdle are your call provider.

Video conferencing

Crewdle takes video conferencing to the next level with integrated features that makes the video conferencing experience as close as possible to a face-to-face meeting. This has been one of the challenges of the digital age, in particular, since the limitations put upon us by the pandemic.

With Crewdle, you get high-quality digital video streaming you can rely on – forget about glitches and technical faults that interrupt important conversations. Additionally, you can chat with colleagues using the handy chat function, allowing you to share ideas and feedback in session.

Not only that, you can start calls and include other people on your contact list with the press of a button. Video conferencing is Crewdle’s flagship service; it is an entirely integrated and ethical way to communicate worldwide in the digital age. It is also reliable and affordable.

Live Streaming

Content creation has evolved, especially in the last few years. Of course, articles and blog posts still have their place, but more and more companies and audiences are utilizing video content and interactive content to engage people and put their message across. Crewdle is well set up.

Crewdle allows you to live stream from anywhere. Broadcast from your home or a location abroad, or use your favorite live streaming platform, such as Facebook Live, Twitch, or YouTube, in combination with your Crewdle app. This offers better integration options.

Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage your audience; as with the written word, your live streams need to be engaging and fluent. For this to happen, you need to plan your live stream carefully and deliver your content. However, the extra effort makes a massive difference.

Watch Party

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that we need to be prepared to be flexible with our lives and livelihoods. Chances are, the latest crisis won’t be the last we have to contend with, which is why it’s so important to embrace digital communications and emerging technologies.

The Watch Party feature on Crewdle is a perfect example of how technology is able to connect people in new ways and create a digital environment that’s not so different from the real-world events we know and love. Create an intimate environment with friends in global locations.

Watch Party allows you to stream your favorite movies and videos from platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Live, Twitch, and recorded videos. Whether for recreation or for business, you can contact and interact with people while screen-sharing video content.

App Integration

crewdle app integrations

A cloud-based communication platform wouldn’t get very far without app integration; that’s because apps have taken the world by storm, and it’s impossible to be selective. Crewdle is no different; it makes every effort to integrate with the most popular and useful apps around.

Consider Slack and Google Calendar, for instance. Slack is an excellent platform for building teams and commuting with individuals and groups throughout the working day. At the same time, Google Calendar integration helps people and business streamline their workloads.

Crewdle links up effortlessly with Slack and Google Calendar, allowing individuals and businesses to create timely video conferencing for business or hop onto a reliable video conferencing service for an update or a power meeting. That’s the power of app integration.

Effective User Management

Security and privacy are important in software, but they are also important for businesses that might have different requirements for individuals and groups. Crewdle has considered this carefully and created an effective user management system that offers more control to users.

Let’s say you have a colleague or employee who needs to be in the meeting to progress in their part in the project; however, some information is not permissible. In this case, the meeting host can adjust the settings to create the appropriate security protocol for the meeting.

And it’s not just security measures that can be implemented with effective user management. Crewdle offers plenty of advanced options that allow users to share screens with some but not all participants and invite colleagues to meet spontaneously. It’s a flexible software solution.

Crewdle Pros

Crewdle is secure

When video conferencing uses servers to relay information, the streams are encrypted, but they are decrypted when they reach the server, allowing the stream to be manipulated. This doesn’t happen with peer-to-peer streams; Crewdle streams are encrypted at all times.

Crewdle is simple

As technology moves forward, user expectations have changed. Nowadays, end-users don’t want to install software; they want to open a browser, punch in a website, and access their software right away. As a result, Crewdle offers the most user-friendly video conferencing software around.

Crewdle is green

Operating online might seem clean and eco-friendly, but that isn’t always the case. Studies show that conventional servers emit 1Kg of CO2 per hour of operation and use 12 liters of fresh water. Not to mention electricity. Crewdle eliminates the need for conventional servers.

Crewdle is private

For some time now, the big tech companies have exploited your privacy, which see a way to monetize your data and sell it for marketing purposes. Crewdle reinstates your privacy by eliminating servers that can be mined for data. Data is never mined of marketing on Crewdle.

Crewdle is competitive

When you choose Crewdle, you partner with one of the most competitive online platforms available. However, the cost of maintaining servers in a physical location is expensive, and costs are passed on to customers. Crewdle doesn’t have these costs and offers better value.

Crewdle Cons

Lack of centralization

One of the main advantages of Crewdle is its lack of centralization and all the benefits that come with that. However, there are some downsides to peer-to-peer operations. For one thing, data and files are stirred on individual computers, making them harder to access and locate.


Performance might also be an issue on a peer-to-peer network. That’s because each new computer is linked to the next rather than a central server. The more computers that are added to the network, the more performance issues individuals and companies will experience.

Backup and recovery

Depending on your industry, you will have to save important data and files on individual computers instead of third-party servers. This has advantages and disadvantages. It is more secure, but you will require a backup and recovery service for individual computers.


How to “live stream” on Crewdle?

There is sometimes a need for live streaming on a call. For example, users might wish to share a video from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, or some other video streaming service to add another dimension to the presentation or ensure participants are on the same page.

You can start a live stream easily with Crewdle. Simply click on the “share” button and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, in only a few clicks, the online video is available to both participants. Note that streaming is only available on Google Chrome at present.

How do I invite participants on Crewdle?

If you are using Crewdle for business purposes, chances are all the relevant people will have Crewdle integration, and you won’t have to invite them. Normally, participants can be onboarded using Slack or Google Calendar. That said, it’s easy to invite more people.

Once you have entered your personal ID and started a meeting, you will see an “invite” button in the top right. Clicking this will add a link to your clipboard that you can then share easily through relevant channels – you can invite any clients or colleagues you have on your contact list.

How do I add Users to my Account?

Crewdle offers a range of business plans and pricing options. If you want to add new users to your business account, you will require an active business account, which is a paid subscription. Once you have a business account, you can easily add new users.

Navigate to your account settings page and open the accounts menu. Click on the name of your company and view the drop-down list of active users. You should also see a space to add additional email addresses. This is where new users are added.

Does Crewdle provide an API?

Since Crewdle is a software system without servers, you might expect it to operate using an API. However, that is not the case. Crewdle does not use an API for its application interface; everything is operated peer-to-peer, improving cost, security, and performance.

Although APIs are often used for cloud-based technologies, they are time-consuming to build and expensive to operate. Not to mention, complicated to understand without programming knowledge. Crewdle eliminates these inefficiencies.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, there is no reason to avoid digital platforms with environmental ethics. But, as nations worldwide sign up to ambitious climate change agreements, companies will be more pressured to make necessary changes. And the demands of consumers are changing.

When it comes to innovative digital software for the future, Crewdle is on the ground floor. The company has taken the next logical step for digital software interfaces moving into the next decade and offers a product that aims to save money and minimize our environmental impact.

The task facing the world is monumental, but it’s not insurmountable. Companies and governments must find a way to sustain productivity levels while reducing carbon output and costs. In short, they need to achieve the same aims that Crewdle achieved with its software.

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