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Alliance Virtual Offices provides the foundations you need to take your business to the next level. They provide receptionist services, business addresses, and office space.

Are you in the market for office space for your business? You’ve come to the right place! Alliance Virtual Offices is the ideal solution for businesses that need an offline presence without the expense of renting office space in a conventional location. They offer very flexible options.

Alliance Virtual Offices fills a gap in the market, these services sit somewhere between rented office space and digital workstations, but in some ways, it offers the best of both worlds for an excellent price. Read on to find out why you should invest in Alliance Virtual Office services.

What are Alliance Virtual Offices?

alliance virtual offices

Successfully growing a business doesn’t happen without dedication, knowledge, and tools. That’s where Alliance Virtual Offices comes in.

AVO is not a digital workstation that alienates employees; instead, it brings them together to create a professional space for business growth.

Alliance Virtual Offices provides physical office space in convenient locations around the world. These offices provide businesses with meeting rooms, a professional business address, live receptionist services, and lots more. It’s far cheaper and better than inner-city office spaces.

How Does Alliance Virtual Offices Work?

Alliance Virtual Offices offers a full range of business services, including office space, receptionist services, and a professional business address for mailing services. Along with this, you can have mail forwarding services, so you don’t miss any important correspondence.

There are two plans to choose from; these are the virtual office platinum plan and the virtual office platinum plus plan. Both of these plans are exactly the same except that the platinum plan does not have any meeting room space or private office space – the plus plan has 16 hours.

Alliance Virtual Offices Pricing

The prices of your virtual office space depend on the location of the offices; of course, you will have to pay more if you want to lease offices in downtown locations and sought-after areas. However, in general, you can find some average prices for AVO office spaces and services.

Initially, there is an upfront fee of between $100 and $150; however, this will also depend on the location of the service. Once you have signed up for the service, you will pay a monthly subscription fee of $50 or $100 per month, depending on the service and office location.

Alliance Virtual Offices Features

Alliance Virtual Offices provides office space and office services for a competitive monthly rate. Along with professional office environments that are useful for client meetings and employee collaboration, Alliance Virtual Offices provides a business address, mailing services, and a live receptionist service that helps to grow your business with time-saving client-facing calls.

Virtual Office

Naturally, the main focus of Alliance Virtual Offices is the virtual offices themselves. Unlike digital offices that don’t have infrastructure at all, virtual offices are located in a physical location; the difference is that virtual offices are cheaper and more versatile than traditional offices.

alliance virtual offices wordwide

With an Alliance Virtual Office, you will have a physical location for mail processing and to locate your business address. Not only that, you will benefit from meeting spaces and private office spaces, depending on your plan. AVO has thousands of locations in the USA and internationally.

Live Receptionist

If you receive customer calls in your business, you need a receptionist or customer care department to attend to customers’ needs and promote the business with sales and marketing. After all, the customer-facing side of the business is a chance to build loyalty and revenue.

live receptionist alliance virtual offices

If you currently struggle to fulfill the customer care side of your business, consider outsourcing this department to Alliance Virtual Offices. The platform has a range of plans that provides professional call answering services to create a positive impression and create more value.

Virtual Phone

A virtual phone number is a primary phone number used for your business. This number is the first point of contact for customers and clients; it also helps to integrate your business and protect your business from data security threats. Most businesses have a virtual phone number.

virtual phone number alliance virtual offices

When you partner with Alliance Virtual Offices, you can sign up for a virtual phone number for as little as $30 per month, which is pretty good value for a dedicated cell phone number that you can use across platforms. It’s one of the best ways to start building your professional reputation.

Meeting Rooms

Running a business and maintaining professional optics is all-important, but it isn’t easy when you have to meet clients in local coffee shops and hotels. It would be much simpler if you had a dedicated meeting space to conduct interviews and company meetings and create content.

meeting rooms alliance virtual offices

That’s right; professional meeting rooms are also a terrific place to create video content to grow your business online. The meeting rooms offered through Alliance Virtual Offices are neat and clean professional spaces with excellent optics – you can find these meeting rooms worldwide.


Digital workspaces have their advantages, but they don’t suit everyone. Many businesses are realizing that workers need spaces to communicate and collaborate in a face-to-face environment. This is good for business productivity and the well-being of your employees.

coworking space alliance virtual offices

Co-working spaces are also professional spaces located worldwide in convenient areas. These spaces allow your employees to leave the distractions of the home and work with their colleagues in a professional environment leading to better morale and better productivity.

Recognized Business Addresses

Every business needs an address, even if you are primarily an online business. The trouble is that many online businesses use private addresses that are not professional and are not recognized as business addresses – you can avoid this using an Alliance Virtual Office plan.

An Alliance Virtual Office plan gives you a recognized business address that you can put on your website and use on your letterheads and email signatures. These addresses help to integrate your business and create a professional image that will increase your revenue.

Easy Mail Management

Things need to be efficient when you run a business; unless you have someone processing your incoming mail every day, you risk losing some important documents that can impact any aspect of the business and affect your reputation. It’s much better to simplify your mail management.

With a business address, you have a simple way to contact clients and receive mail. Every Alliance Virtual Office plan comes with a dedicated address that allows you to store your mail securely until you can collect it or automatically forwards it to a location of your choice.

Alliance Virtual Offices Pros

  • Cost Reduction: Consider the costs of renting offices in a downtown location? This is what many professional organizations do because they need a strong business address and professional optics in their industry. However, if you outsource your office services to Alliance Virtual Offices, you get the same benefits for a fraction of the cost of that inner-city location.
  • Professional Address: When you run a professional business, you need a professional business address; this is useful for the optics of your business and helps to land new clients and increase revenue. Naturally, this will cost more if you rent traditional office space, but not if you partner with Alliance Virtual Offices. These offices give you a professional address as standard.
  • Integrated Services: Outsourcing different departments of your business is sensible; it saves you time, money, and increases your revenue over time. The trouble is that your outsourced service solutions are usually with different companies and brands. When you partner with Alliance Virtual Offices, you receive integrated services for a single price on your monthly plan.
  • Community and Well-being: In the last few years, most businesses have switched to digital workspaces, and while this is suitable for many, it has its drawbacks. For one thing, businesses with isolated workers don’t have a sense of community and shared well-being, which can impact productivity. Alliance Virtual Offices gives you the infrastructure to create a solid on-site team.

Alliance Virtual Offices Cons

  • Commuting: Having been introduced to Alliance Virtual Offices thus far, it might be easy to assume that it’s a perfect office solution, but it’s not all roses. Unlike a digital workstation that allows workers to operate from home, AVO is located in physical spaces that you need to travel to. This might seem like a trivial matter, but remember, you are likely to encounter some traffic.
  • Additional Costs: As mentioned, Alliance Virtual Offices provide excellent value for money, especially when you measure the services against conventional office spaces in downtown locations. However, an AVO space is still a business expense with a monthly fee that you need to cover. On the one hand, it’s a cheaper solution, but on the other, it can be an extra expense.
  • Technical Issues: Alliance Virtual Offices provides a professional receptionist service as well as internet facilities and electrical sockets in the buildings. While the company strives for perfection, you might experience a technical fault on the network from time to time. The good news is that AVO also works as a managed service provider and solves technical faults for you.

Final Thoughts

Alliance Virtual Offices is a professional office service with a difference; this service doesn’t collect huge monthly rents or fees for its sought-after addresses; instead, it provides convenient and professional office spaces in convenient locations around the world – with excellent rates.

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need the right infrastructure behind you. Alliance Virtual Offices is a comprehensive service solution that gives you the foundations you need to improve the performance and reputation of your business and helps it to grow faster.


What is included in a virtual office?

A virtual office is an office in a physical location with meeting rooms, network services, and other services such as a live receptionist service. However, a virtual office is a full package; it also includes the business address, which is a service you can buy independently from the package.

Businesses choose a virtual office for a range of reasons; they might require a business address for professional purposes and convenient mailing. However, a virtual office is a complete package giving you access to comprehensive office service to support your business growth.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Alliance Virtual Offices is a competitive office services plan with rates that you won’t find anywhere else. Initially, you will pay a $150 setup fee; after that, you will not have to pay a setup fee for other services like the live receptionists. Every month you pay a fee based on location.

If you want to change your Alliance Virtual Office plan, you can change your terms and pay a new fee in the following months. However, you might also encounter some small setup fees for add-on services such as call forwarding, room rental, or online purchase processing.

Can I increase my minute allowance?

If you select the live receptionist service, you sign-up a team of professional receptionists who are fully trained and ready to advise your customers. These receptionists are fully trained, but they are also personalized to adapt to your services and your identity – they work in minutes.

For instance, if you want 50 minutes of live receptionist time, you can pay $95 dollars per month. This can be increased to 100 minutes for $145 per month and 200 minutes for $225 per month. If you want to increase the number of receptionist minutes, you need to send an email.

Can I talk to the call-handling receptionists?

Yes! These professional call-handling receptionists are located in Las Vegas, they are professionally trained and ready to use, but you can contact the call center and talk to the manager, who will give you all the information you need about the style of call handling.

Not only that, you can test the calls before the receptionist goes live so you can have full confidence in the call handling style. If there are any adjustments, you need to make talk to the receptionist manager and test your receptionist services fully before they talk to your clients.

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