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These days, digital Ads are indispensable, but do you get the most from them? ADYOUNEED helps you to make optimized digital Ads in minutes with its advanced software features.

Do you use digital Ads? If you’re like most businesses these days, you roll out Ad campaigns regularly to build brand awareness, improve customer retention, and improve your conversions. Digital Ads are also an excellent way to gather more customer data that can be very valuable.

The question is are you getting the most out of your Ads, and how can they be improved. Even if you get results from your digital Ads, there’s always a way to spend less and optimize the Ads for best performance. Instead of working with open-source software, you can invest in SaaS.

ADYOUNEED is a dedicated platform for digital advertising. This software gives you a centralized place to create and control your advertising campaigns, so you get the most out of them. As you use the software, you will notice an improvement in your targets and budgets.



If you run an online business, you need some digital Ads. These Ads can go on websites, search engines, or social media platforms, but the quality and performance of digital Ads vary.

If you want to create quality Ads that deliver, you need an AD creation tool like ADYOUNEED.

ADYOUNEED is a centralized Ad creation and optimization platform that helps you to identify your target audience and optimize your Ads for best results. ADYOUNEED is ideal for marketers, marketing companies, and social media managers wanting to streamline processes.

How Does ADYOUNEED Work?

how does adyouneed work

If you want to improve your visibility across social media platforms, the best way to do it is by using social media Ads; however, advertising on social media is more complex than it sounds. For one thing, audience segmentation is a high priority; you need to target the right people.

ADYOUNEED helps you to optimize your social media Ads and make the most of your digital channels. The software uses AI to identify your target audiences and create Ads that show off your busines or services. ADYOUNEED integrates social media platforms on one dashboard.


adyouneed pricing


The first plan you can choose with ADYOUNEED is the Starter Plan, which is the most basic Ad plan you can choose after the seven-day free trial. The Starter Plan will cost you $50 per month and provides you with the majority of the primary features offered by ADYOUNEED software.

The Starter Plan provides you with an AI Audience Finder, Automatic Optimizations, Split Testing, No Business Limit, Fast and Free Support, and lots more. For a moderate monthly fee, you can have the only Ad platform you need to start growing your business right away.


The Ultimate Plan gives you more! This plan gives you all the same features as the Starter Plan, but in addition, there is no Ad-spend limit, one free sub-account per month, a handy dark mode that saves you energy in your business, and access to more advanced beta features.

Although you get additional features with the Ultimate Plan, you also pay more which is what you would expect. The Ultimate Plan will cost you $100 per month as opposed to $50, but it allows you to test Ads more convincingly before they go live, it justifying price with performance.


The Business Account is designed for businesses looking to accelerate their growth with Ad campaigns. To achieve this, a company needs some consultation services along the way to optimize the Ads for best results. This is one of the main differences between the three tiers.

Along with all of the features in the Starter and Ultimate tiers, the Business Plan has a dedicated manager and two free consultation sessions to make sure your Ad campaigns deliver. Expect to pay $250 per month for this service which again justifies the price with the value it brings.


Quick Ads

Unsurprisingly ADYOUNEED specializes in Ads, so an excellent Ad creation feature is fully expected. When it comes to this core feature of the platform, ADYOUNEED doesn’t disappoint; unlike other Ad creation platforms, ADYOUNEED provides a simple centralized location for Ads.

With ADYOUNEED, you can create Ads in minutes, not hours, saving you time on your marketing campaign that you can use to grow the business in others ways. Although creating Ads with ADYOUNEED is faster, it isn’t less functional; you can have full confidence in new Ads.

Discovery Platforms

There’s no such thing as a perfect Ad; that said, there are definitely some Ads that perform better than others. When it comes to Ads, many businesses make the mistake of creating Ads that look good to them rather than ones that trigger a desirable action in a target audience.

ADYOUNEED allows you to perform proper research as testing so that your Ads don’t fall flat on their faces. Since different Ads perform better in different spaces, ADYOUNEED allows you to test your Ads across platforms and optimize them for better performance so they can succeed.

Gain Visibility

Visibility is a powerful dynamic if you want to grow your business and find new clients; at the end of the day, you’re not going to get the conversions you want if the future clients have never seen your brand before and don’t know you exist. ADYOUNEED is the easy way to change that.

ADYOUNEED provides an integrated dashboard that allows you to track the Ads that have performed well or under-performed. Forget about using multiple platforms for this purpose; with ADYOUNEED, you operate from a single dashboard and reallocate Ads to save on your budget.

Automate Audiences

There are many types of Ads in the world, but they can be distilled into two areas, those that work and those that don’t. An Ad that fails isn’t necessarily a failed Ad; it might reach an audience; the question is, does it reach the right audience? It Fails if it hits the wrong audience.

ADYOUNEED makes it easier for you to identify the target audience that is best suited to a particular campaign. Again, ADYOUNEED saves you time on segmentation by finding the target audience using artificial intelligence. Simply supply two interests and let the AI do the rest.

Save and Collaborate

If you want your Ads to succeed, you need to spend a suitable amount of time on them, ensuring the Ad is going to reach the right target audience, on the right platforms, achieving the right conversions. Sometimes you need to shelve an Ad project while you gather more data.

ADYOUNEED allows you to save your Ads and return to them at any time, simply save your draft campaigns and return to them at a later date. ADYOUNEED also allows you to collaborate with teammates and partners to design the Ad that’s going to work best for your business.

Full Stack Marketing

Social media is an important place for Ads – you might have noticed – that said, it’s important to get your social media Ads working correctly; after all, too much advertising on social media can lead to counter-productive results. ADYOUNEED gives you the best platform for social Ads.

ADYOUNEED is a single integrated platform that is centralized and easy to learn, this is exactly what you need when you are running a business today, and you need regular Ads to encourage engagement and gather valuable data. ADYOUNEED works with all the major social platforms.


When it comes to crafting Ads, it’s important that you get the look and feel of them right. When an Ad looks too conventional, it frames your company in a certain way – one that is conventional and has a no-frills mentality – so make sure the Ads you put out are entirely brand-focused.

The great thing about ADYOUNEED is the integrations that help you to create the best Ads from your business brand. ADYOUNEED integrates with CANVA and CRELLO, two of the best platforms for graphic design, allowing you to create eye-catching Ads without a graphic artist.

Training and Learning

When you sign up for ADYOUNEED, you get access to the ADYOUNEED university. Creating Ads sounds simple, but there is a lot to it, and you will be surprised by what you can learn and what you can achieve with digital Ads. ADYOUNEED offers excellent training and learning.

Along with the software, you can get access to a modern online learning platform that helps you to get the most out of your online Ads. Whether you are starting out with digital Ads or you have been running them for a while, there is always something new to learn in the world of Ads.


  • AI Audience Finder: ADYOUNEED uses artificial intelligence to find your target audiences using minimal amounts of data which saves you time and improves the performance of Ads.
  • Excellent Dashboard: When you are creating campaigns, you need to optimize Ads for better performance. ADYOUNEED offers an excellent dashboard allowing you to make decisions.
  • Saves Resources: Ads are very important, but you don’t want to commit too much of your time and resources to Ad creation. ADYOUNEED helps you make better Ads much faster.
  • Fast Ad Creation: Again, ADYOUNEED is designed to make Ads fast to save you time without compromising on the quality of the products. This software lets you create Ads in minutes.


  • Limited Subaccount: Although ADYOUNEED offers a single centralized platform, it does fall short when it comes to subaccounts; this limits the tracking and features of the software.
  • UI Color Improvement: ADYOUNEED platform is designed to be user-friendly; however, the color scheme of the software is slightly uninspiring and could be improved in later versions.

Final Thoughts

ADYOUNEED is a simple and user-friendly Ad creation platform that’s suitable for businesses and startups of all sizes. If you need a single location to design, test, and optimize your Ads, then ADYOUNEED is an excellent option – remember to sign up for the most cost-effective plan.

Although ADYOUNEED has plenty of advantages, there are a few downsides; for one thing, the platform has limited sub-accounts that limit your Ad tracking, the website is also minimal at the moment, but some parts of it are under construction. Don’t let this put you off trying the product.

In short, ADYOUNEED Is a suitable Ad creation software tool for any business; there’s no reason not to try the product for seven days for free and cancel anytime. If you use Ads or you need to create some, then ADYOUNEED is a professional tool that leads to faster results.


Do Digital Ads Work?

The reality is that digital Ads work, but the majority of businesses don’t use them effectively. Digital Ads are not the same as traditional Banner advertising; for them to be effective, you need a target audience and the right platform. Not only do you need to target the right customers, but you need to create the right Ads and spend the budget correctly. ADYOUNEED can help.

How can I learn More About Ads?

Digital Ads differ from traditional advertising in some key ways. Although you can use banner Ads online, they are much less effective than targeted Ads based on target audiences and e-mail lists. There is certainly a lot to learn to ensure Ads work effectively; the good news is there are plenty of training resources, especially when you partner with ADYOUNEED software.

What is Full-Stack Marketing?

A full-Stack Marketer is someone who has a broad knowledge of all the marketing tools and processes you need to operate a business or campaign. If you want to accelerate your business, then it’s a good idea to consult a Full-Stack Marketer to resolve issues in your company and improve performance. ADYOUNEED also fills this role with a Full-Stack feature.

Why do I need Digital Ads?

Whether you want to build brand awareness or reach new customers, you need digital Ads. Digital Ads are the perfect way to target the right customers at the right times and tell the story of your brand or your campaign. Of course, you can work with other forms of marketing such as SEO on your articles and websites, but digital Ads can take your business to the next level.

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